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Research On The Communist Party Of China To Deal With Emergencies During The Period Of Democratic Revolution

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China has a high incidence of emergency. Frequent occurrence of emergencies,not only causing property losses, but also destroy the social benign operation andcoordinated development, has seriously hindered the Chinese characteristic socialismand well-off society. How to effectively deal with various emergencies and how toreduce the occurrence of unexpected events and maximum negative influence ofincident has occurred, as much as possible,has become a certain period of time in thefuture the Communist Party of China must attach great importance to and major issuesto correct processing.Based on the " democratic revolution " as the time definition," the CommunistParty of China to deal with emergencies " as the research object, based on lots ofliteratures, systematically summed up the Chinese Communist emergency measuresand experience, formed the reason to clarify the developing process of events----findsolutions (politics, military, organization, public opinion)--Summary the experiencesand lessons. This is my Research ideas and methodology. And try to achieve theresearch purpose: to sort out the history, summarize the experience, grasp the law,guide the practice of research.According to the above research, this paper includes six chapters. The first to thefifth chapter chooses the five events during the period of democratic revolution.Thenarrative of the five incident occurred and the domestic and international influencehas carried on.Then, emergency preparedness research before the emergencies,emergency disposal after the incident and the subsequent disposal. And try to knowthe Communist Party of China how to deal with these emergencies from the fouraspects of political, military, public opinion research.The sixth chapter is the valuablehistorical experience and realistic enlightenment of a comprehensive summary.Themain content of each chapter is as follows:The first chapter discusses the Kuomintang reactionaries tried to " purge ",somanufacturing a bloody four one two counter-revolutionary coup, become " purge "the beginning of the movement. The young communist party face unexpectedlybloody slaughter and powerful enemies, without the correct guiding ideology, withouthis leadership of the armed forces, no experience in handling emergencies, only apassive response. Under the joint strangulation of reactionary forces both at home and abroad, the revolution to fail.The second chapter discusses the Japanese attempt to monopolize China, solaunched nine one eight incident. Face the Japanese imperialist aggression, the JiangJieshi nonresistance and so-called rely on the League of nations seriously damage theinterests of the Chinese nation. The Communist Party of China has always been tonational interests first, to stand on one’s own, closely rely on the masses, unite thecountry against the common enemy. The Communist Party of China not only in theincident, propose solutions. And to summarize work, self criticism, and find out theproblems, then optimization strategy.The third chapter discusses after counter-campaigns failed, the Red Army wasforced to March, on the long march happened Zhang Guotao South Division events.Mao Zedong and the Central Committee of the party to the overall situation,repeatedly persuade and compromise Zhang, but Zhang Guotao persist arbitrarily, theSouth has become fact. Then established the " central ". Mao Zedong and the CentralCommittee of the party make full use of the strategy of the principle of Marx Lenin,adopt various flexible tactics of struggle, the south division solved, and finallycompletely defeat the Zhang Guotao separatist, maintain the unity of the Party and theRed Army.The fourth chapter discusses the because of Jiang Jieshi implement “Suppressionof enemy must maintain a country” policy, the interests of the China nation has beeninfringed, the territory of China lost. In the nation historical juncture, Zhang Xueliang,Yang Hucheng for the state and national salvation, take " remonstrance ", detainedJiang Jieshi, Xi’an shocked the world. The Communist Party of China facing theincident, politically to national interests as the premise and foundation of nationalsecurity, actively deployed to prevent raids, public opinion against caused a new civilwar as the basic standpoint, finally puts forward the peaceful settlement, directlyinvolved in the talks, achieve the peaceful resolution of Xi’an incident. After theincident the situation to continue efforts to promote the benign developmentThe fifth chapter discusses the Anti-Japanese War entered the Stalemate Stage.Jiang Jieshi launched the southern Anhui Incident, the Communist party suffered hugelosses, the civil war be triggered at any moment. This emergency presented a seriouschallenge to the Communist party. Face this crisis the Communist Party of Chinaturn back the powers of darkness, take the political counterattack, the military adoptdefensive strategy, effectively fight rational and restrained, eventually defeated the Kuomintang diehards, and fought a good fight in the National Political Council,maintaining the anti-Japanese national united front, and expanded the beneficialeffects of their own.The sixth chapter base on the Communist Party of China on all kinds ofunexpected events coping strategies during the period of democratic revolution, tofind the universal law, and then summarize the valuable historical experience andenlightenment. Mainly seven aspects: To deal with emergencies: Safeguard thefundamental interests of the nation and the people is the basic starting point andfoothold. Crisis into opportunities, challenges for power is an important principle ofemergency. Combined with the consistency and flexibility of tactics of principle phaseis an effective means.Everything from set out actually, overall grasp the principalcontradiction is the basic method. Mobilization and strive for the support of social allcircles is a reliable way.Prove the main leaders and collective decision-makingscientific emergency decision making is an important guarantee.
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