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Research On Super-Ministry System Reform Of Shenzhen

Posted on:2012-02-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Most of the administrative reform is an important part of the reform, selected as the most reform in Shenzhen Shenzhen, mainly due to its unique background. All along, Shenzhen is regarded as reform and opening up the window, whether economic or political system reform, Shenzhen is regarded as the vane of China’s future development.30years of reform and opening time, the economic performance in the growth of Shenzhen has made unprecedented achievements. For Shenzhen, the economic globalization of the furniture, the transformation of social structure, growth of civil society, the surge in public demand, lack of government efficiency reform constitutes most of the background of Shenzhen. How to deal with the challenges, seize opportunities, deepening administrative reform in Shenzhen, especially through most of the reform of public services to enhance the ability of government to become the focus of attention. Therefore, from the perspective of public administration reform in Shenzhen most of it is very necessary.From a structural point of view, this paper is divided into four parts. The first part is the introduction, in this section, mainly on the background of Shenzhen, most of the reform, including economic globalization, adjustment and social transformation, supply and demand of public services, growth of civil society, public administration, low efficiency and so on. In the background of most of the reform, based on the concept further and make the most of the system defined. Concept is the basis of analysis, the paper most of the system defines the concept of parity of the perspective adopted, the final choice of a suitable concept of China’s national conditions. In addition, the introduction is also on the research method, research innovation, the basic structure of the analysis made the instructions. The second part is mainly to restore the literature, while most of both the Reform of Shenzhen to the theoretical basis of logical exposition. Theory describes the logical order of an executive ecology platform, based on overall governance theory, the value of public administration into the final adjustment to administrative organizations shown. Most of this reform in Shenzhen has laid a solid theoretical foundation, to avoid the theoretical basis of a single pale situation. The third part is the angle from the horizontal system of most Western countries, the reform and the reform of the domestic sort out most of the system, to the adoption of such a comparison, the formation of reform in Shenzhen most beneficial experience to support and learn from. To make the analysis more convincing, we have chosen the UK, USA and Shanghai, as a comparative analysis of the object. The third part is mainly a case of Shenzhen. It includes papers of the fourth of five chapters. Most of the major reform of the Shenzhen background, effectiveness of the reform and potential obstacles, and finally address these issues the appropriate strategies. The fourth part is a summary and discussion. This part is to make a simple description of this article, and pointed out the future direction of further study.From the research point of view, the main choice of a comparative study of this method and case study. Comparative study of public administration has been regarded as an important part of research methods. We can even in those classic works of public administration, comparative study of methods can identify the important role. Whether Wilson or Waldo, are all mentioned in the comparative study of the importance of public administration. As a study of public administration, whether in theory or in practice, have lagged far behind Western countries, do so from the perspective of comparative study of the experience of other countries and regions, most of reform will no doubt provide a useful Shenzhen reference. Most of Shenzhen as a case study of reform is conducive to improving the practice of government reform. This is also the advantage of case studies.View from the focus of the study, including reconstruction of the theory and causes of in-depth analysis. Theory is the basis of the study, in the above, we have already mentioned most of the theoretical basis of reform have diverse, and there is inherent logic. Analysis from the point of view, although there is no word superiority, but in the cause analysis, we fully take into account the specific circumstances of Shenzhen, more acquaintance with the pilot community is the focus of our consideration of the content.
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