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The Study On The "Color Revolution" Of The Commonwealth Of Independent States

Posted on:2014-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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A series of "color revolution" occurred at the beginning of the21st century have exerted a certain influence on the world politics which cannot be ignored."Color revolution" has had a profound impact on political, economic and social life of the concerned nations. Some countries are still can’t get rid of the shadow of it until now. The success of the "color revolution" has made the US-lead western countries ecstatic. They believed that interfering with other countries’internal affairs and supporting pro-American forces come into power successfully under the guise of democracy is a good way to save money and can yield twice the result with half the effort. It strengthened their determination to continue to promote the "Democracy Output Strategy"."Color revolution" also played a warning role for the other CIS countries and countries which in the transformation phase. Meanwhile, it enabled people to recognize the hypocrisy of western democracy is a universal value and its essence of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries on the excuse of "promoting democracy construction".How it broke out? What are the common characteristics and causes of the "color revolution"? How about its impact? What kind of warning we should get from and how to deal with it, etc. This article was divided into three parts, totally five chapters to discuss the above questions one by one.The first part (chapter one) introduces the background of the "color revolution"."Color revolution" is a continuation of Bush’s "beyond containment strategy" after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the upheaval of Eastern Europe in the late1980s and early90s. It is the result of "peaceful evolution" strategy which continued to carry out by US-led western countries. Therefore, the first chapter describes the historical background of "color revolution" in detail and generalizes the characteristics of the drastic change of Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Section two gives an outline of the political background of "color revolution"-the introduction of western democracy and take a clear-cut stand that western democracy is not a universal value, it does not have the so-called universality. To copy the western democracy will lead to disastrous result.The second part (from chapter two to chapter four) respectively discusses the process, the causes and effects of "color revolution". Chapter two combing out a comparatively clear context of the development of "color revolution" occurred in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Summing up the four characteristics of "color revolution" and exposed that the essence of "color revolution" is not a revolution in the true sense, but a new round of "peaceful evolution". Chapter three discusses the causes of "color revolution" from internal and external aspects and makes a simple introduction of the theoretical support of "color revolution" directed by western countries. The article declares itself that concerning the phenomenon of "color revolution", these theories have certain scientific nature, but for this kind of regime change, these theories also could not hide the essence of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and resulting in the regime change. Chapter four respectively discusses the impact the "color revolution" have had on the concerning countries, the other CIS (commonwealth of independent states) countries and the three super powers-China, Russia and America. It also made a presentation of the actions other CIS countries had undertook.The name of third part (chapter five) is Adhere to the Development of Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics and Defend the West’s Political Infiltration. Section one describes the Marxist democratic thought. Section two demonstrates the democratic political construction achievements in China’s political system reform since China’s reform and opening up from four aspects. Finally, it comes to the conclusion that the primary cause of the outbreak of "color revolution" is the domestic economic construction didn’t do well, the people’s livelihood problems unsolved and completely copy the western democratic political system. We should learn a lesson and to solve the people’s livelihood issues in domestic relying on economic development. At the same time, keep on pushing forward the democratic political construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics, do not leave any space for western countries to interference in China’s internal affairs and subversion our regime.
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