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Research On Adoption Key Factors And System Modle Of Provinciale-Government Based On Cloud Computing

Posted on:2018-02-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1316330536981346Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Developing e-government can not only greatly improve transparency and efficiency of the government,but can also improve the quality of public services and the quality of public policy and the scientific decision-making.It should be noted that e-government is facing many problems,including redundant construction,resource distribution,information resource monopoly,security implications and so on.Building e-government service platform using cloud computing can effectively solve these problems.Specifically,it can provide hardware and software resources such as storage space,application software services and so on,so users no longer need to purchase a large number of hardware and software equipments and they can directly use these resources in the form of purchasing service.In this way,it can reduce the costs of information technology application significantly,ensure the system security and promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.More importantly,building e-government information resource sharing service platform using this technology to realize the information sharing and exchanging can effectively solve the problem of "information island".E-government based on cloud computing is a kind of revolution.What is more,the theoretical system is imperfect,and the technical is complex,and the implementation process is difficult.Therefore,the research on key adoption factors and system model of e-government based on cloud computing is one of the important issue that can be explored.This paper analyzed adoption factors of provincial e-government based on cloud computing and brought forward its influencing factors model using grounded theory.In addition,by statistical analysis,this paper verified how the key factors affect the organization adoption.On the basis of theoretical analysis and statistical analysis,and then this paper proposed the system model and propulsive model.This paper solved practical problems existing in the development process of provincial e-government based on cloud computing and can promote its construction and development,and then provide the reference for the development of cloud computing industry and innovation.This paper summarized the related effecting factors of the cloud computing adoption,the e-government adoption and e-government based on cloud computing adoption on the basis of domestic and abroad relevant researches,and then explained the related theory from citations and reviewed the connotation of e-government,cloud computing and e-government based on cloud computing,which provided an important foundation for the follow-up study.This paper brought forward influencing factors model using grounded theory by studying the cases which has adopted the e-government based on cloud computing.By refining the categories of the influencing factors model,this paper concluded the key factors effecting provincial e-government adoption based on cloud computing including cloud trust,cloud supplier qualification,technical,organizational and environmental factors and so on.This paper developed the questionnaire according to the existing research results and the influencing factors model have been proposed,and obtained the small sample data through questionnaire survey.After obtaining this data,this paper corrected the questionnaire by reliability analysis and exploratory factor analysis.This paper empirically analyzed the large sample data obtained from the corrected questionnaire and got the verification results of the hypothesis by descriptive statistical analysis,confirmatory factor analysis,correlation analysis and regression analysis.Moreover,according to the result,this paper analyzed the influence on organizations to adopt e-government based on cloud computing respectively from cloudtrust,cloud supplier qualification,technical,organizational and environmental factors.Finally,this paper proposed the system model and propulsive model based on empirical researching and key factors influencing on organizations to adopt.Specifically,this paper carried on the system model design from the network,Iaa S,Paa S,Saa S,safety and standard,and carried on the propulsive model design from the organization mode and embodiment mode.This design is conducive to enhance the organizationís trust in the e-government based cloud computing and improve the organizationís leaders support and so on.More importantly,it provided a reference for the organization to adopt and implement e-government based on cloud computing.
Keywords/Search Tags:cloud computing, e-government, adoption factors, grounded theory, system model, progression mode
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