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Research On Construction Of Spiritual Civilization On Urban-rural Integration

Posted on:2018-08-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1316330542481415Subject:Ideological and political education
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Spiritual world and physical world are the two important fields in human existence and development.The development of productive forces of the economic growth brings people material satisfaction which provide the further development of the spirit world.In the face of fast but not balanced social development,how to make urban and rural harmonious sustainable has been turned to a development problem.And it's also a problem which can't be ignored by the ideological and political education investigator.The ideas about the urban and rural integration,the concept of social governance and political socialization which were advocated by Karl Marx provides an important theoretical support and practical guidance to promote the development of ideological and political education.Construction of spiritual civilization,has been existed for many year in our country as a kind of theory and practice,it can interact to economic,social,political,and other fields as a separate field,and its function is changing quietly with the process of reform.The development of the construction of spiritual civilization has its own laws.But it can't be away from the social environment.By now,urban and rural integration have become the important social background of the reform.If we want the construction of spiritual civilization to develop further,we must make it fit to the development of society and integrate to the urban and rural integration.In the writings of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels arise many thoughts of the relationship between urban and rural areas which are very important part of their idea about urban-rural composition.The construction of spiritual civilization on urban-rural integration is not only to enhance the spiritual civilization quality of residents,but also a project which put the urban and rural which are already in a high level of economic foundation in a same field.We do research on the reactive practices of the construction of spiritual civilization on urban-rural integration in specified area in order to measure its result with clear standard.And the experience can be used as a base to promote the same job on some other city.On the 17th congress of CCP,a opinion of "persistence on comprehensive,coordinated and sustainable development is the basement of scientific theory on development" has been presented.Urban and rural,as two relatively independent space,are all contribute to the national development and social progress in the process of reform.Urban and rural integration is an important strategy on the nation's development which promote the unify of planning and construction,industrial development,market information,policies and measures,ecological environment protection,the development of social undertakings and so on,by system reform and policy adjustment.It can change the long-term formation of the urban and rural dual economic structure and balance the policy of equality,the industrial development of complementary,the agreement on the national treatment between urban and rural areas.It was declared that "economic construction is fundamental and cultural construction is the soul"on the 18th congress of CCP.The people in the country must share the economic achievements of the reform and enhance the quality inner spirit to meet the demand of the social governance which will make them to develop with the society peacefully.The process of the construction of spiritual civilization can not be achieved overnight,it is difficult to show its achievement quickly which will affect the power of government social management and the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in.But there's no doubt that,the promotion in the field of material construction will elevate the work in the field of spiritual civilization.The government's push,the attention of the society and the broad participation of the masses will all be a part of untiring motivity to the Construction of Spiritual Civilization which will furtherance a society on higher level civilization.
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