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The Research On The Affecting Mechanism Of Supervisor-Subordinate Guanxi To Prison Policeman Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Posted on:2017-08-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Organizational citizenship behavior in the field of organizational behavior and human resource management has been playing a very important role.It is the spontaneous behavior of individual employees,although the behavior does not directly or explicitly be admitted by organization official salary system,but it is beneficial to enhance the operational effectiveness of the organization.As an important part of state machine,the prison is the state dictatorship tool,and is also the most important and basic penalty enforcement authorities.At present,China is in a period of social transformation,social security situation is very grim,the society's expectations to prison are increasingly high,although the prison has taken many effective measures,prison security level and criminal reform quality has been greatly improved,prison potential safety problems still exist,the criminal reform quality is still a big distance with the public's expectations,prisons need to improve job performance urgently.For this reason,the prison senior managers do a lot of work to emphasize job responsibilities,and require each police perform their duties,but this important factor--organizational citizenship behavior of the police has not been ignored,and the factors affecting police OCB has not been researched.In addition,the prison that is a special organization pays more attention to the strength of the team.The prison district is a basic unit of work in a prison.The police team identity and team cohesion has a significant impact on police attitudes and behavior.What factors influence organizational citizenship behavior of the police,how to make the police more actively concerned with the overall interests of the organization and the team,this is the issue that the article will explore.Firstly,the study learn from domestic and foreign the theories on the field of the social exchange,social identity and organizational behavior,and build a relation model that the supervisor-subordinate guanxi is a independent variable,team identity is mediating variables,team cohesion is moderator,organizational citizenship behavior is dependent variable,and put forward hypotheses.Secondly,the study defined the concept or variable involved in the hypotheses,and designed the measurement scale of the variables,and revised it based on the test results.Thirdly,648 questionnaires filled by prison police are obtained in Jiangsu province prison,analyze all these data using SPSS 15.0 and LISREL 8.70,and argue whether those hypothesis can be supported according to the information supplied in the samples.Finally,explain and analyze all the conclusions after data analysis,and discuss the directive significance in management practice of these conclusions.The study found that the relationship between different dimensions of superior-subordinate guanxi,organizational citizenship behavior and other variables is different,and the degree of influence is also different.The dimension about affective attachment and deference to supervisor of supervisor-subordinate guanxi is significant positive correlation for the team identification and organizational citizenship behavior,but the dimension about personal-life inclusion is no significant correlation for them.The result of the mediation role test is also like this.The team identification mediates fully the relationship between the dimension about affective attachment,deference to supervisor of supervisor-subordinate guanxi and the dimension about OCBI,OCBO of the OCB,but does not mediate the relationship between the dimension about personal-life inclusion and the dimension about OCBI,OCBO of the OCB.Team cohesion has significant moderating effect on the relationship between the team identity and the OCBI dimension of OCB,but has not significant moderating effect on the relationship between the team identity and the OCBO dimension of OCB.This is to say,high level of cohesion will be strengthen the positive relationship between team identity and OCBI,but team cohesion has not significant effect on the relationship between team identity and OCBO.All in all,This study indicates the affecting path and mechanism of the supervisor-subordinate guanxi,team identification,team cohesion,and organizational citizenship behavior,enriches the OCB theory,expand the application areas,and provides a good idea how to stimulate the polices' organizational citizenship behavior,improve prison performance.In daily work in the prison district,the police especially the supervisor should pay attention to build harmonious supervisor-subordinate guanxi,create the necessary conditions to meet the polices' needs at different levels,reinforce team identity,strengthen team cohesion,stimulate organizational citizenship behavior,improve prison district and the whole prison job performance.
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