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Research On The Endogenous Development Way Of Ordinary High School Traits

Posted on:2018-08-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1317330515451408Subject:Doctor of Education
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The reform and development of high school is an important educational research.How to improve the connotation and deep reform&development of high school is a contemporary practical problem too.So the endogenous development way of ordinary high school traits has been chosen as the thesis topic.The thesis analyzed related documents firstly and presented a new concept of school traits different from specialty and characteristics.Traits refer to inner qualities with relative stability,overall diffuse and exterior-interior unity,accumulating and presenting in schooling idea,target and development strategy.It exists in organization,institution,activity and environment of school.It reflects in the spirit and behavior of teachers.And its final education effect embodies in students’physical and mental development.On the base of the core concept of school traits and the analytical framework with periods&stage as vertical axis and development environment,critical events,basic strategy,development state as horizontal axis.Using the framework around school traits and the method of document analysis,case study and interview to interpret No.2 high school attached to East China Normal University.It can be found the endogenous development way of school traits,including 6 stages:forming stage(traits as gene),the second taking-off stage(traits in several schooling fields),constructing characteristics stage(traits drifting away for several uncertainty reasons),the third taking-off stage(traits becoming mature in accumulation)and increasing self-awareness stage(making a conscious effect to practice excellence education at a higher level).Some suggestions and proposes can be put forward from the case study.Firstly,school traits are endogenous,not additional.Secondly,school traits need sustainable accumulation,not short-term effect.Thirdly,the strengths of endogenous development way comes from inside,indentifying and transforming outside power.Fourthly,every stage of school traits endogenous development way needs clear consciousness,strategy action,phase formation,stage breakthrough to improve self awareness mechanism.Thus school development can be in an initiative self-organization status.
Keywords/Search Tags:school traits, school endogenous strength, endogenous development way, ordinary high school, excellence education
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