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Research On The Competence Mode Construction And Competence Development Of Specialty Leaders In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2019-05-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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After nearly twenty years of rapid expansion in higher-vocational colleges,the traditional extensive growth mode which the current higher-vocational colleges adopt is very hard to sustain now,stepping onto the road of connotative development has become the urgent task for highervocational colleges to get out of the development dilemma,and the specialty construction is the major gripper of promoting the connotation construction level.So the specialty leaers who bear the responsibility of specialty construction in the basic teaching organization of “specialty”is becoming the key of the development mode transformation in higher-vocational colleges.However,because of the restriction of many factors,higher-vocational colleges fail to fully understand the important role played by the specialty leading person in specialty construction,and they also have not given full play to the leading role that specialty-leaders should play in the reform of education.As higher-vocational colleges are facing the increasingly fierece external environment challenges,managers at the middle or top of the organization have become increasingly difficult to get all the information to ensure the correctness of their own decisions and the timeliness of they have to empower the grassroot of organization,which means that the role of specialty leaders are changing quietly in the organization.Specialty-leaders are no longer the professional teacher in charge of one or more courses,nor are they merely teaching organizer at the grassroot level.On the contray,they need lead the specialty teaching team to achieve the specialty construction targets by visionary delineation,action lead,resource integration and many other ways,therefore,as specialty leaders,their ability and quality requirements and the path of professional development must have its own nuique features.In summary,based on the reflections of the changes of external environment and the characteristics of development stages faced by higher-vocational colleges in our country,the change of the mission of specialty leaders in the organization,and it is even also due to the regret of lack of the competence framework of specialty leaders,all the above make this study focuse on the research topic of the specialty leaders’ competence in higher-vocational colleges.The paper tries to find out the ways to promote the level of specialty leaders’ team construction in higher vocational colleges on the basis of clarifying the competence of specialty leaders.Specifically,the research questions in this study could be divided into two categories: first,with the role-orientation change of specialty leaders in the organization,what competences do specialty leader should have to fulfill the duty? Secondly,how do specialty leaders acquir the above competence,that is,what is the law of specialty leaders’ competence development and what factors affect and restrict it?Focusing on the above problems,based on the current situation of the higher-vocational colleges in our country and giving full consideration to the unique role of specialty leaders in the higher-vocational colleges,this paper adopts the positivist paradigm to listen to the voice of specialty leaders,and expends the research ideas by learning from foreign research results in related fields,and in this study,the two parts of competence model construction and competence development are organically integrated for futher discussion.Aiming at different research topics,this paper adopts appropriate research method for each,follows the research route from the role orientation-competence composing-competence development-institutional environment.The competence-mode construction of specialty-leaders is the core content of this study.Based on the concept of responsibility,this study defines the concept of specialty-leaders and clarifies the research object.Specialty-leaders are the people in the higher-vocational colleges,who are responsible for the specialty construction resposobility,and guide the professional teaching staff to achieve the goals of specialty development through various ways.the competence of specialtyleaders is the energy to successfully apply knowledge,skills,attiduted and personal characteristics to specialty construction,which is associated with the role of specialty-leaders,and is integrated of related features.Based on the holistic paradigm of constructing the competency mode,this paper adopets key events interview method,job task analysis and the questionnaire survey these three specific methods.After the construction steps above,a compentence model composed of five layers(identity,achievement motivation,personality,the knowledge and skills of specialty construction,and the leadership behavior of specialty construction)in the perspective of structure and seven functional areas(the compentence of forecasting the specialty development,the competence of developing the specialty curriculum,the competence of developing specialty resources,the competence of guaranteeing the quality of teaching,the competence of leading scientific research and social service,the competence of creating specialty culture and demonstrating teaching,the competence of building specialty team and implementing strategy)is finally constructed.On the basis of competence model construction study,this paper further focuses on the subject of competence development of specialty-leaders.Based on the questionnaire survey,it is found that,at present,the specialty leaders’ competence development in higher-vocational colleges is above the upper middle level,and the scores of other competence dimensions are also above average,which shows that the competence of specialty-leaders develop more balancedly.By further adopting the one-way analysis of variance,this paper investigates the effect of different demographic variables on the competence development of specialty leaders,and found that the title,age and length of service are the main factors affecting the competence development of specialty-leaders.Based on the understandings of the connotation of specialty-leaders’ competence development in higher-vocational colleges,the hypothesis model of influencing factors of specialty leaders’ competence development is put forward,and the influencing mechanism is analyzed,and the corresponding research hypotheses are finally put forward.The research results show that the fundamental motivation for the development of specialty-leaders’ competence comes from the internal factors(identity,achievement motivation,personality and specialty construction knowledge and skills)and the influence of external factors(institutional environment,development path)in the development of specialty leaders’ competence through the mediation of internal factors.By adopting the case study method of qualitative research in 3 higher-vocational colleges in Z province are taken as individual case,and investigating deeply in the above schools,the mechanism of the influencing factors of the competency development of specialty-leaders in higher-vocational colleges is further elaborated.From the perspective of identity,due to the conflict between the two roles in the process of identity construction,specialty-leaders can not form positive and stable identities.The following four kinds of alienation may occur in the identity construction of specialty-leaders,they are identity struggle,identity compromise/identity compliance,identity struggle and identity dissociation.As far as the motivation of specialty-leaders is concerned,specialty-leaders who are under the condition of “duty-right deviation” and “duty-interests deviation” are actually in a very awkward position.Specialty-leaders have long been in the “crack” between the academic power represented by the professional culture and the administrative power represented by the bureaucratic culture,and negative coping has become the rational choice that they have to take.From the perspective of the two paths of specialty-leaders’ competence development,firstly,as far as the training path is concerned,it is still at the exploratory stage and it is still unable to provide training services that meet the actual work needs of specialty-leaders,secondly,from the path of practical reflection,the workplace learning environment of specialty-leaders presents a low level,which needs to be systematically optimized.In a word,this study has explored the subject of specialty-leaders’ competence in highervocational colleges from the theoretical and methodological aspects.On the theoretical level,this paper comprehensively and systematically points out the components of specialty-leaders’ competence and logical connections among the competence elements of the higher-vocational colleges.Based on the competence model,this paper firstly puts forward the influencing factor model of the specialty-leaders’ competence development in higher-vocational colleges and makes an explanation of its statistical verification and mechanism of action.From the methodological perspective,this paper adopts appropriate research methods for two research themes of competence modeling construction and competence development in higher-vocational colleges respectively.However,this paper is not limited to a single method,and realizes the orgnic integration of specific methods on the basis of visual integration of methodology.Finally,based on the research deficiencies,this study points out that we should pay more attention to research theme of the professionalization of specialty-leader team in higher-vocational colleges.That is to say,based on the realization of the function of running a higher-vocational college,the higher-vocational colleges should examine the significance of the specialty-leaders in the higher-vocational colleges and give full play to the specialty-leaders in leading the specialty construction.
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