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System Design And Control Of Automatic Lid-opening Robot

Posted on:2018-03-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1318330512483145Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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In recent years,China's nuclear power plants have made considerable progress both in the development of high quality precision equipment research and technology,forming a series of representative export products.But there are some equipments and technologies of nuclear power plant still relying on imports,which is not conducive to upgrade equipments and maintenance,as well as the overall export of nuclear power plant technologies.The processing system of solid waste is regarded as one of nuclear power plant "three wastes"(wastes,waste gas,waste liquid),so processing systems is very important to the nuclear power plant energy recycling system,and automatic lid-opening robot is the core equipment of the system.But the equipment of China's nuclear power plants are dependent on imports.This dissertation is to study the systematic design and control of the automatic lid-opening robot in the solid waste processing systems of the nuclear power plants.It aims to break the foreign monopoly and develops the domestic equipments with completely independent intellectual property rights.The automatic lid-opening robot is the most sophisticated equipment in solid waste processing systems for opening and capping the volume of 400 L metal buckets for storage medium and low radioactive waste.The main work of this dissertation is as follows:1.This work discusses the mechanical system of automatic lid-opening robot based on modular design.According to the function,automatic lid-opening robot is divided into six functional modules including translating module,rising and droping module,positioning module,lid and barrel separating module,tightening spindle module and cover supporting module.The design methods and functions of each module are described in detail,and the stress simulation analysis of the key components is carried out.At the same time,the key technologies of automatic lid-opening robot such as Barrel center location,Screw and screw hole location and No-powered storage lid and barrel are analyzed,and the realization method is put forward.2.In order to solve the problem of the positioning accuracy of the positioning module due to the existence of the gap characteristic during the operation of Automatic lid-opening robot,a mechanical anti-gap device is designed,and the effectiveness of the device is verified by simulation,according to the characteristics of the rotating module.At the same time,according to the design of the double screw drive structure of the double servo motor driven by the translating module,rising and droping module,a method of the reverse backlash deadband elimination control based on the Lyapunov stability method is proposed,and the validity of the method is proved by simulation and experimental verification.3.The key of the entire process of automatic lid-opening robot is to ensure that the fastening screws of the metal bucket containing solid waste is tightened.In order to solve the problem of torque overshoot under the conventional control,the corresponding tightening shaft model and tightening process model are established based on the design of the tightening shaft module,and the two are combined into a whole.Based on this model,a fuzzy adaptive control technique based on backstepping control is proposed for nonlinear torque-angle coefficient.At the same time,the model of tightening shaft system is simplified,and the torque-Simplified to a constant case,an enhanced variable gain PID(Proportion Integration Differentiation)controller is proposed.After simulation analysis and experimental verification,the control performance of the two control methods is significantly better than the conventional control method,so that the screw tightening quality is guaranteed.4.Combined with failure modes,and criticality analysis(FMECA)and fault tree analysis(FTA),these two reliability design are the analysis methods for the initial construction of the automatic lid-opening robot hardware so that the fault analysis of the platform is carried out,and the key fault points of automatic lid-opening robot are screened out.As to these key fault points,the reliability analysis and improvement of the automatic open cover robot are carried out.5.The calculation and analysis of the power equipment and key components are carried out,on the premise of ensuring the every function,the hardware platform of automatic lid-opening robot is initially constructed.Based on the above research,a prototype of automatic lid-opening robot is developed.After series of experiments,the rationality and validity of the system design scheme and control method are verified.
Keywords/Search Tags:automatic lid-opening robot, modular design, fuzzy backstepping adaptive control, enhanced variable gain PID control, reliability design
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