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Research On Business Model Innovation Of Mobile Internet Enterprise Based On Value Network Reconfiguration

Posted on:2016-12-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The profound change was brought by the development of mobile Internet in the world economy and people's life. The new economy is the representative of the dominate today's society ofcloud computing, Internet of things and the electronic commerce. The whole value creation system was changed by the economic logic of increasing marginal revenue in the network economic environment. The new business models was emerged at the micro performance in an endless stream and product innovation service innovation, innovation management pattern and other means of Mobile Internet companies in order to adapt to the changes of external environment. By information techno loogy changing rapidly, the creative destruction to Mobile Internet to maintain the long-term stability of the competitive advantage was more difficult. The original competition strategy was changed by the hyper competitive environment, Mobile Internet companies transfer from competitors concerned to pay attention to the creation of customer value which was committed to expand existing markets and open up new market space. A blue ocean market was created by the value of innovative economic paradigm for Mobile Internet companies. Mobile Internet companies begin to reconstruct value network, business model innovation in order to survive and develop.The core logic of business model innovation was studied in this paper through the analysis of the elements of the business model of mobile Internet companies and the way to build three different types of mobile Internet business model. And then the evolution of the value chain of the mobile Internet industry was analyzed, and the changes of the mobile Internet industry value flow was revealed, and the reasons and process of the mobile Internet enterprise value network reconstruction was summarized. The value of the mobile Internet business was caused by the reconstruction of the value network, so the intrinsic value of business model innovation was analyzed from three aspects of value creation, value realization and value maintenance. The influence factors of business model innovation were analyzed with the method of structural equation model, and verified by empirical method. On the basis of summarizing the common features of successful business model innovation, the innovation of business model of mobile Internet was put forward, and three kinds of mobile Internet enterprise business model innovation path, and model based on NK model, which can diagnose the business model and the feasibility and effectiveness of enterprise business model innovation.This paper is based on the theory of value network reconstruction, with the business model innovation as the core, comprehensive use of various research methods of induction and deduction, literature review and theoretical research, empirical research and case study, based on multiple fields of complexity science, the bilateral market theory, value theory, innovation theory and system theory, value network reconfiguration and business model innovation for IT enterprises to conduct a systematic and in-depth study.Firstly, according to the characteristics ofMobile Internet companies and the nature of business model, The elements of Mobile Internet companies business mode were summarized and the classification of Mobile Internet companies business mode were constructed from the base layer, the application layer, and the terminal layer in the paper.Secondly, based on Internet industry value chain evolution and value module the mobile Internet business value network causes of reconstruction is analyzed. A self-organizing feature of new value network was finally formed from core competence flow extraction by means of complex science theory whose value net system of catalytic and replication. The reconstruction process of mobile Internet enterprise value network was summarized up in this paper, and the mobile Internet business value network reconstruction model was constructed which separately had carried on the thorough excavation from the three different aspects of structured expression, stable expression and effect of expression. The reconstruction of the value network of the mobile Internet was the network carrying capacity of its business model innovation through the analysis of the value of the network reconstruction, we can reveal the source and evolution of the business model of the mobile Internet business, and lay the foundation for the innovation of business model.Thirdly, the value was deeply analyzed based on network reconfiguration, and the impact of business model innovation of mobile Internet enterprise factors were analyzed from two aspects of macro environment, the enterprise itself and other internal and external in this paper. The relationship between the induction these factors were summarized from the research literature, and the concept model of business model innovation of enterprise was constructed on the basis of the theory of value network, double side market theory, system theory and innovation theory. These hypothesis were verified using the method of structural equation model which namely macro-environment influence enterprise resource ability and value network reconstruction. The value network reconfiguration was network bearing business model innovation of Mobile Internet companies, and the value of innovation were a strategy expression of business model innovation of Mobile Internet companies.Finally, The value creation mechanism, the value realization mechanism and the value maintaining mechanism of Mobile Internet companies were analyzed, Mobile Internet companies value network reconfiguration and business model innovation were docked the basic frame of business model innovation from the two aspects of internal and external. Based on the framework of business model innovation, Mobile Internet companies were studied from four aspects of business model innovation thinking, innovation motivation, innovation path and innovation evaluation. In the open thinking under the guidance of the analysis, three different business model innovation power, different categories of innovation path to construct classification, using six evaluation index value of win-win, business model innovation of enterprises based on NK model of effectiveness evaluation and the fitness evaluation, pre-evaluation the system can risk business model innovation for effective prevention and control of Mobile Internet companies, reduce the error caused by the loss of innovation. At the same time by Apple Corp and Alibaba company in two case studies, respectively from the internal and external inspection were proposed for the framework of business model innovation in Mobile Internet companies innovation mechanism and innovation process, so as to realize the combination of theory analysis and practice test in this paper.A certain theoretical significance and the practical significance of this research had been reflected, not only enriching the theory system of business model innovation, and providing reference for the innovation of business model of Mobile Internet companies in reality, and certain innovation had been reflected from the research perspective, innovative method, evaluation system, empirical aspects of this research characteristics.
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