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On The Specialization Of Parliamentary Guarantee Of Human Rights

Posted on:2017-11-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The guarantee of human rights constructs indivisible connection with parliament since its establishment in Britain in the 13th century.The early parliament indirectly guaranteed human rights of specific social classes through its restricting the monarchy and resisting against the magisterium.Since Bourgeois Revolution in 17th century,the parliament launched its indirect guarantee of human rights through legislation and constitution.The trend of specialization of parliamentary guarantee of human rights is manifested in the establishment and development of parliamentary human rights institutions in mid-20th century.Some of these institutions,which are often established in the parliament in the form of human rights committees,are attached to the parliament and function as the organic components to ensure the parliament's duty in guarantee human rights.Some of these institutions,which are often in the form of national human rights committees and Ombudsman,are set outside of the parliament.They perform their duty in human right guarantee as national independent institutions subordinated to the parliament.Parliamentary human rights institutions have various roles in human right guarantee.They not only promote but also protect human rights.According to such roles,these institutions expands the parliament's duty in providing human right guarantee,enhance the professionalism of human rights legislations and inspection,and strengthen the parliamentary supervision on administrations.They also expand parliamentary human rights guarantee from the commitment of human rights to the prevention and the remedy of human rights violations,and the realization of human rights.The parliamentary guarantee of human rights is an indispensable part of the national human rights guarantee obligations.The parliamentary human rights guarantee and judiciary human rights guarantee complement each other in their differences,while the parliamentary plays a unique role in the realization of positive rights.
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