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Historical Investigation Of The Advanced Construction Of The Communist Party Of China In The Period Of The New-democratic Revolution

Posted on:2020-03-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the 28 years of the struggle of China's new-democratic revolution,the Chinese Communist Party has been able to survive the hardships without retreating.It has been repeatedly tested and still not forgetting the original heart,realizing the revolutionary ranks from small to large,from weak to strong,and finally to the greatness of the democratic revolution.Victory,fundamentally speaking,lies in always attaching great importance to and constantly strengthening the party's advanced nature.At the same time,the party's advanced nature construction during the new-democratic revolution also absorbed the excellent traditional culture of China.The practice of the advancement construction of the Communist Party of China is determined by the class nature of the proletarian party and by the objective need to lead the proletarian revolutionary struggle.It can be said that practicing the advancement construction of CPC is the product of the Marxist-Leninist theory of party building combined with the concrete reality of the Chinese Communist Party's own construction.It is in line with the advanced theory of Marxist-Leninist parties and further develops the theory of the advancement construction of the proletarian party.The period of the new-democratic revolution was a period of brilliant development of the Chinese revolution and the Chinese Communist Party,and a period of fruitful construction of the party's advanced nature.In the practice of party advanced construction,the Chinese Communists represented by Mao Zedong established the main line of party building through measures such as ideological and theoretical education,political construction,organizational construction,rectification movement,system construction and purge discipline.The scientific goals of party building were clarified,the scientific layout of party building was constructed,and a long-term mechanism to maintain and enhance the party's own advancement was gradually formed.During the period of the new-democratic revolution,the advancement construction of the Communist Party of China clearly reflected the unity of class and mass,the unity of long-term and stage,the unity of history and time,the unity of theory and practice,the integrity and individuality.The characteristics of unity and so on.Through the party's advanced construction,the process of sinicization of Marxist party building theory was promoted,provided an important guarantee for the party to win the final victory of the new-democratic revolution,and laid a solid theoretical foundation for the party's advanced nature construction in the new era of socialism.Provides a scientific guide to thought.The current ruling environment of the party is very serious,and the factors affecting the party's advanced construction are very complicated.Systematically study and summarize the strategies and historical experiences of the Communist Party of China in maintaining its advanced construction in response to various risks and tests during the new-democratic revolution,to promote the party's advanced construction in the new era,and to improve the party's ability to govern in the new situation has important practical significance.In a word,the party's advanced construction during the new-democratic revolution is an inseparable and important part of the new-democratic revolution.In the new era,the party has laid a theoretical foundation for the development of advanced nature and provided a guide to ideas.
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