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A Study On Strengthening The Political Capability Of The Communist Party Of China In The New Era

Posted on:2021-03-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Political construction is the fundamental construction of CPC,and the construction of political capacity is the internal essence and essential regulation and essential of the party's political construction in the new era.The implication of "strengthening the party politically" contained in the party's political construction is the logical guidance to strengthen the party's political capacity construction in the new era,and also the logical way to think about the party building in the new era from the perspective of political capacity.In the sense of the party's political construction,enhancing the party's political ability is the key to ensuring the party's advancement and purity in politics,consolidating the party's political authority,and highlighting the party's political nature and political characteristics.To understand the connotation of the party's political ability,we must analyze its content,value function and essential attribute from different perspectives and levels.It is necessary to understand the general,common and basic political demands of the party's political ability from the perspective of the party's ability,combine with the important remarks of the party's political ability in the new era,try to understand the content elements of the party's political ability from the two levels of the party organization and Party members,on this basis,explain the function orientation of the party's political ability construction in the process of the party's political construction,and summarize the internal logic and political appeal of promoting the party's political ability,and fully grasp the important role of improving the party's political ability in the construction of the party in the new eraThe political appeal and the political goal of the party's political ability construction come from the practice of the party's political construction.From the perspective of the development process of the party's political construction,enhancing the party's political ability is always the internal logic and inevitable result of the CPC's political construction,and is an important way to respond to new problems,new situations and new challenges in the process of the party's selfconstruction.Since the 18 th national congress of the communist party of China,a series of new understandings and innovative measures have been put forward on the political ability construction of the party,which has demonstrated strong political vitality in the practice of the CPC's political construction and accumulated useful experience for party governance in the new era.In view of the political need of the party's management,strengthening the political capabilities of party organizations and party members\has become the core of the new era of "taking a clear stand and stressing politics".It can be seen that,as a century-old major party,how CPC always maintains its political advancement,how to forge strong political ability,and how to use the party's political ability to promote the development of the party's cause are fundamental questions that we must answer and solve.From the perspective of ability element system,the party's political ability focuses on the specific process of the party's political power and organizational power construction,which contains many elements of the party's ability system and reflects the common political requirements behind the party's construction and governance.Referring to the basic category of the party's political construction,the content elements of the party's political ability construction can be divided into functional political capacity,safeguard political capacity,methodological political capacity,core political capacity and preventive political capacity,which stipulates that the party's political capacity is a comprehensive capability system composed of the integration of multiple capability elements.This ability system is a systematic expression of the CPC's ability to govern and govern the party,and a comprehensive reflection of the party's political function,responsibility and mission,political role,and political skills.After years of efforts and practical exploration since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,remarkable achievements have been made in the party's political ability construction,which has laid a solid political foundation for the smooth progress of the party's construction in the new era and greatly improved the quality of the party's political construction in the new era.But we should also be aware that in the new era,various problems our party is facing are,in the final analysis,powerful political challenges.The party's political ability construction is facing more and more obvious obstacles.The relevant practice of improving the party's political ability is facing more severe tests.And to effectively solve these problems,we must implement the party's political unity,condense uniform consensus and focus on strengthening the construction of the party's political ability.In the new era,to strengthen the party's political ability,we should try to transform the experience superiority of the party's political construction into the core political resources to enhance the political advanced nature of the CPC,and constantly release huge political energy in the process of the party's leadership in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.It is necessary to take "strong party through ability construction " as the value guidance,provide rich methods and paths for the party organization's political ability construction in the new era according to the systematic construction ideas,and strive to build the target function system,the main content system,the organization guarantee system and the benefit evaluation system of theparty's political ability construction.In view of the problems existing in the construction of Party members and cadres,such as unreasonable personnel structure,low professional ability,weak political literacy and political ability not meeting the needs of the development of the times,we should try to constantly improve the political ability of Party members and cadres from the aspects of political thinking,political literacy and political ability,and constantly improve the political position and political responsibility of the majority of Party members and cadres.And under the support of the experience of the party's political construction,we should constantly strengthen and optimize the promotion mechanism of the party's political ability,and deepen the institutionalized path of the party's political ability construction.
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