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The Study Of Cultivation Quality Evaluation And Promotion Strategy Of Full-time Professional Master's Degree In Sports

Posted on:2020-09-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1367330572961229Subject:Sports humanities and sociology
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To clarify the development history,the scale and structure of full-time professional master degree in sports,to clear its essence and basic characteristics,to build the cultivation quality evaluation index system and comprehensive evaluation,and to make the empirical analysis of its influence factors,are beneficial to deepen understanding of full-time sports master education,help to improve the training status of cognition,strengthen the training quality,enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of relevant policies for cultivation unit perfect way.In this paper,literature analysis and review are carried out from four aspects: the current situation,cultivation mode,cultivation quality evaluation and education of foreign professional degree postgraduates.In this paper,the quality of postgraduate training for full-time master of physical education was studied by means of literature research,Delphi method,questionnaire survey method and statistical analysis method.First of all,the full-time master of sports generalizes the development history of professional degree graduate education,divided into beginning and fumble,rapid development and two relatively mature period,clear its education attribute is "based on sports industry,focusing on professional practice,pay attention to sports skills,highlights the application",in the present stage of its development target as the highest degree of sports vocational education.Secondly,a professional competency oriented evaluation index system for the quality of full-time master of physical education professional degree postgraduate training is established,which includes three first-level indicators,nine second-level indicators and 25 third-level indicators,including basic quality,process quality and result quality.Third,the empirical evaluation results show that the overall quality of training is at the qualified level,including good foundation quality,process quality and result quality at the qualified level.Six factors,such as training objectives and curriculum setting,teaching environment and practical facilities,practical links and operational ability,double tutorial system and tutor team,school-enterprise cooperation and project participation,employment guidance and career planning,havesignificant influence on the quality of training.Full-time professional sports master education based on the present background in lack of sports profession standard,inner structure unbalanced,process quality and training target mismatched,homogeneity phenomenon are the main problems?Training field directivity,fuzzy practical training characteristics,education investment and evaluation mechanism of alienation are the main reasons.We should improve the quality of postgraduate training of full-time master of physical education from the following aspects: the idea and strategy of talent training,the construction of curriculum modules and teachers' guarantee,the cultivation of professional quality of physical education,and the strengthening of evaluation guiding function.
Keywords/Search Tags:Full-time Sports Professional Master, Cultivation Quality, Influencing Factors, Evaluation Model, Promotion Strategy
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