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Research On The Credit Risk Management Of Small And Micro Enterprises Based On The China's Inclusive Financial Strategy

Posted on:2019-07-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1369330572458292Subject:Public Economics and Management
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The inclusive financial strategy is the national strategy of our government in order to solve the financing problem of small and micro enterprises and other market players.The nineteen government reports of the Party pointed out that they should deepen the reform of the financial system and enhance the financial services' real economic capacity.The 2017 "Government Work Report" proposed that the banks should set up inclusive financial division deployment to support the development of small and micro enterprises.Regulatory bodies such as the People's Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have issued several policy documents to support the development of small and micro enterprises(SMB).However,there are lots of problems in the construction and operation of SMB,like non-standard operation,fake financial information,and weak anti-risk ability,the result of these problems is financial banks are lacking interests in supporting SMB by supporting them with loans.In recent years,because of the domestic economic descending,the traditional low level manufactures,some over-developed and cross-industry SMB fall into management difficulties,even lead to shutdown,which brings huge risk to banks' credit business.At the same time,due to SMB lack of relevant service system,guarantee system,and credit system,it is very hard to transport the mature credit risk theory and method of credit rating in big businesses to SMB.Based on the above,domestic commercial banks face the pressure of the worse asset's quality and the decreasing of profit when they developing the business with small and micro businesses.My study will introduce the large commercial banks' experiences of risk management in SMB and analysis the characteristic of SMB development.This study proposed the essential reason of the high risk of the commercial banks' business with small and micro businesses by the analysis of how to use the assessing card to prevent the credit risk of new customer,how to use the early warning system in small and micro businesses post loan supervision.This research will also proposed the theory and politic advises of the achievements of national policy,finding the solution of small and micro business financing dilemma and promoting the economic restructuring.The main content of this thesis is:The first chapter is introduction which is about the purpose,research method,research approach etc..This chapter will comprehensive analyze the relevant research about risk management of small and micro business in commercial banks.It will also introduce the structure of the thesis and the main innovations of this thesis.The second chapter defines the core concepts and related theories,mainly defines the core concepts of small and micro enterprises,credit risk management,and combs the relevant theory of credit risk management of commercial banks.The third part is about present situation of credit risk in domestic commercial banks business with small and micro businesses.I will propose the challenge which the commercial banks face when pushing forward the credit business with small and micro business through analyzing the business prosperity index of small business and write about the whole situation of the debts to small and micro businesses from the main financial institution and commercial banks,and the quality of theses debts.I will use C bank as the example to analyze the present situation and reasons of credit risk in the business with small and micro businesses,and also analyze the outside factors,customers' factors,and the factors of banks inside management.The froth chapter analyzes the problems at the small and micro businesses in commercial banks in China.This chapter elaborates the problems existing in the development of small and micro enterprise business of commercial banks in China,and analyzes the reasons from the external factors,customer factors,internal management factors of banks and other aspects.The fifth chapter is about the experience and enlightenment of credit risk management from foreign commercial banks'business with small and micro businesses.I will analyze the basic situation of the business with small and micro businesses of United States' commercial banks,the Germany commercial banks and the Santander Central Hispano S.A.I will focus on the small and micro businesses development on the background of the United States' internet finance and the qualitative research of the challenge from the internet finance to traditional finance.The sixth chapter is the empirical research about the small and micro businesses applying assessing card model.The empirical research will focus on the following aspects,the necessity to build the small and micro business applying assessing card model,the theoretical basis of building the model,the relevant data and modeling samples,the examination and approval approach to small and micro businesses assessing card,and the loan strategies based on the small and micro businesses assessing card.The seventh chapter is the advices of improving the credit risk management in domestic commercial banks;businesses with small and micro businesses.The first aspect is building a small-amount,intensive,professional operation and management model to improve the level of risk diversification,businesses intension,and businesses profession etc.The second aspect is strengthen the market research and client screening,building the standardized marketing model,building and optimizing customer reviewing model,strengthen the application of system tools research,optimizing the procedure of businesses.As for the safeguard measures,perfecting the responsibility management system,improve the credit executive level;optimizing the incentive measures of businesses with small and micro businesses;strengthen the compliance,improving the early warning effect,making the government play its role in supporting small and micro businesses.
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