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Law enforcement officers' personality and perceptions of organizational stress: An SEM study

Posted on:2010-08-01Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:Tennessee State UniversityCandidate:Temple, Rebecca AFull Text:PDF
Law enforcement officers are exposed to occupational, organizational, and personal stressors to which they must react. Using structural equation modeling, this study examines the relationship personality traits have with stress in law enforcement officers across America. Personality traits are measured using the NEO-PI-R, based upon the Five-Factor Model of Personality (Costa & McCrae, 1992). Components of stress are measured by the Occupational Stress Inventory (Osipow, 1998). Fit indices for the post hoc full latent structural model are .997 for CFI, .996 for GFI, .958 for AGFI, .059 for RMSEA, and .958 for RFI. Hoelter's Critical N is 787. All fit indices indicate a good to superior fit. These outcomes indicate, although not causally, that the personality traits of Neuroticism and Conscientiousness are linked to coping (Personal Resources - OSI-R), and strain (Personal Strain -- OSI-R) in American law enforcement officers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Law enforcement, Enforcement officers, Personal, Stress
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