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Study On The Polyphagous Mechanism Of Apolygus Lucorum Based On Genomics

Posted on:2022-08-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Apolygus lucorum(Miridae)is a kind of omnivorous agricultural pest,which can cause huge economic losses in the world.Although there have been many researchs on Miridae species,the lack of high-quality reference genome limits the in-depth study of Miridae species.In this paper,we obtained the genome of Miridae,which is also the first reference genome of Miridae.Genome assembly is1.02 G,contig N50 785 Kb,BUSCO 96%.Update the genome to chromosome level using Hi C and1016 M sequences can be attached to 17 chromosomes.Transposons occupied 65% of the genome,and many recent bursted of transposons have been found.At the same time,a large number of non-coding RNAs were identified.In this study,we found that the olfactory genes and digestive hydrolases of A.lucorum were expanded,these genes contributed to its strong environmental adaptability and severe harm to crops.A large number of recently duplicated genes were also found in the genome,which may be related to the rapid adaptation ability of A.lucorum.Through the comprehensive analysis of the main digestive enzymes of A.lucorum and other Hemiptera species,it was found that PG enzyme significantly expanded in A.lucorum and highly expressed in salivary gland,which indicated that PG enzyme played an important role in the damage and feeding process of A.lucorum.In this study,we identified a large number of chemoreceptor genes in A.lucorum,and found that OR had significant expansion and recent gene duplication.The expansion of GST and P450 3 subfamilies maybe contributed to their strong adaptability.Multiple functional genes were obtained by horizontal transfer,including PG gene which can damage cell wall and lysozyme which can kill bacteria,the acquisition of these genes enhanced the environmental adaptability of A.lucorum.The mirid genome provides a huge data support for the study of Miridae evolution and green control of Miridae pests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Apolygus lucorum, Genome, Gene expansion, Polyphagous, HGT
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