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Research On Emotion Expression And Evolvement Of Chinese We-Media

Posted on:2020-09-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W MoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1485305882988329Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Since We-Media has the characteristics of strong self-control,easy operation,high flexibility,fast update,information concentration and rich content,people prefer to choose the We-Media platform represented by micro-blog to transmit their inner feelings directly or indirectly.Therefore,the study of emotions in We-media texts is an important basic work in public opinion analysis,network data research and group event prediction,and has become the focus of current linguistics.Based on the subjectivity and event characteristics of Chinese We-Media texts,through the analysis of emotional expression of single sentence and text in Chinese We-Media texts,this paper summarizes the rules of the generation and change of the semantic core of emotion expression,and provides an effective method for improving the accuracy of emotion recognition of Chinese We-Media texts.In We-Media texts,events and emotions imply each other and form certain grammatical and semantic rules.This paper defines the emotional event structure as a triple consisting of Event,Agent and Emotion Type,in which the emotion event can be a single event,and more often it is formed by a series of sub-events,namely,the emotion event chain,mapping.Emotion chain(Emotion chain).By constructing emotion event triple,this study analyzes the expression and change process of event chain and emotion chain,and analyzes and studies the process of emotion expression and evolution of Chinese We-Media represented by Chinese micro-blog based on linguistics.The full text is divided into six chapters.The main contents and viewpoints are as follows:Chapter 1: Introduction.There are five stanzas in this chapter.This part introduces the background of this study,the current situation and problems of text emotion analysis at home and abroad,summarizes the research methods and objectives based on this study,and analyzes the significance of this study in three aspects: subject,society and application.The last section of this chapter clarifies the framework and outline of the research.Chapter 2: Study Motivation.This chapter consists of three sections.Section 1 expounds the features of emotion expression sentence and discourse in Chinese We-media,Section 2 introduces the emotion analysis framework for Chinese We media.and provides a concrete framework for the analysis of emotion expression and evolution.Chapter 3: Emotion expression in Chinese We-Media.Firstly,the semantic elements of emotion expression are displayed to show the basic content of event description of emotion expression process.Secondly,through the distribution of emotion words in a single sentence of subjective context into“speaker”and“other”,explain the effects of different agents on the semantic functions of emotion words,display the sematics scope of Subjectivization remoting in event strucuture.Thirdly based on the mapping relationship between emotions and events,the emotion chain is constructed to describe the emotion expression process in Chinese We-Media discourse through emotion event chain.The distribution of semantic relations in discourse emotion expression is summarized through sentence and discourse examples,supporting the further study of Chinese self media emotion evolution innext chapter.Chapter 4: Emotion evolution in Chinese We-Media.On the basis of completing the basic framework of emotion events and emotion chain,this chapter expounds the basic concepts and analysis methods of emotion evolution,analyzes the mechanism of emotion evolution in the text according to different linguistic phenomena,and sums up the emotion evolution rules in Chinese We-Media texts.Chapter 5: Emotion corpus resource construction.This chapter elaborates on the construction process and ideas of the emotion event model,and introduces in detail the principles and methods of tagging in the establishment of the corpus,which improves the operational basis for the follow-up research.Chapter 6: Summary and Prospect.This chapter summarizes the whole article and research again,and looks forward to the next step of research in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:emotion phrase, emotion events, emotion chain, emotion expression, emotion evolvement
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