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Magnetic Exploration Study Of Iron Ore Deposit In Phu Sang Loei Thailand

Posted on:2012-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L S ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120330332488906Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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The skarn iron ore deposit is an important type of iron ore deposits. It holds less proportion in iron ore deposits in China, even the world. But it is paid much attention in China because of its high-grade and associated minerals. As for the residual slope sediments iron deposit, the exploration is few in China, because of their small scales. The research and literature are also lacking. Southeast Asia, Indochina regional metallogenic belt has good conditions in the forming of deposits, plenty of resources and tropical climatope. So the residual slope sediments iron deposit is very rich in this area. As the reason of complex and vast terrain, short of funds, the low level of exploration technology, years of war, opening late and other reasons, some Southeast Asian countries and regions have not effectively developed and utilized the resources. Therefore, this area is great potential for discovery of mineral resources. Geophysical exploration is a very important method in the search of concealed mineral deposits, particularly the iron ore deposits.In this paper, the study mainly combines with the iron ore deposit prospecting in Phu Sang, Loei, Thailand. The mining area contains the skarn iron ore deposit in Phu Sang hill and the residual slope sediment iron ore deposit around. The exploration used some geophysical methods. The magnetic prospecting result is more efficient.Combination with the condition of geology in mining area, the paper studies the magnetic characteristics of the area, and mainly analyses the magnetic characteristic of the Skarn iron ore deposit and the residual slope sediments deposits. The characteristic of the Skarn iron ore deposit is high magnetic value, great scale of anomaly and continuous abnormal curve. The residual slope deposit magnetic characteristic is low values, discontinuous abnormal curves and tremendous changes of the value in separate point. For the purpose of further study, this paper has done the research of forward modeling study on the two types of deposits and improved their characteristics throughout the comparison with the skarn iron ore deposit and the residual slope deposits. The magnetic characteristics in the study will be helpful in the discovery of other deposit in this area and provide methods and basic theory for the future exploration of iron ore deposits in this region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Southeast Asia, skarn iron deposit, residual slope sediments iron deposit, magnetic characteristic, forward modeling
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