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Study On Mesozoic Intrusive Rocks Characteristics And Distribution Regularly In Yangtze River And Comparative Between The West Hubei-Jiangxi And The East Jiangsu-Anhui

Posted on:2012-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2120330335993187Subject:Structural geology
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This paper relies on "The base structure and guide the Yangtze River mine re-co-ntrolling factors of research project" in order to study the Mesozoic intrusive rocks in the characteristics of the middle and lower Yangtze River area and distribute-on of the western part of Hubei-Jiangxi and eastern Soviet Union-Anhui comparative study of eastern and western areas. On the basis of the full collection and Comprehensive study of previous datas, with the actual project work and research, through comprehensive research and analysis, bounded on the east and west of Jiujiang area controlled by different tectonic framework of characteristics of intrusive rock, mainly from the petrology, rock chemistry, magma sources and diagenetic characteristics such as age were compared with paper. ThenWuShan and ChengMenShan intrusive rocks of Jiurui ore area and XinQiao intrusive rocks in Tongling ore district as the representative rock intrusions of the Mesozoic Western and Eastern. and I do more on the point for research and discussion. Comparison results show that:①lithology, the Western Southeasterof HuBei and the Jiurui regions in JiangXi as the mainintrusive rocks, Rocks exposed in eastern relatively small neutral, acid and acid intrusive rocks exposed more. Yangtze River region in the evolution of intrusive rocks in the overall performance is to Jiujiang-Huangmei for the sector, magmatic activity, respectively, to the north west tosouth east evolution.②The regional characteristics of the times about intrusive rocks Sr isotope ratio in contrast to the variation trend. The new trend of rock age gradually correspond with the decreasion of its Sr isotope ratiochanges. Shows the development of faults in the main control during diagenetic ore rock trends, that is the decreasing rock age, and Sr isotope ratio changes.③In the type of tectonic evolution and genetic, the western region is part of a number of basement fault complex, Cover folds and faults zone is also extremely growing. Leading to rapid rise of magma, crustal contamination very little material, mainly rock of mantle origin. The eastern region is mainly affected by the Yangtze River deep fault zone and grid-like cover uplift and fracture control of magma rising channel are relatively complex, crustalmaterial mixed with more mantle rock is mainly mixed-source characteristics.④Jiurui Chengmenshan rocks, Wushan rocks and Xinqiao rocks in Tongling area, display the same characteristics as the whole area. With further evidence for difference between west and east of Yangtze River regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:The miaddle and lower Yangtze River, Mesozoic, Intrusive rocks, E-W contrast, Chengmenshan rocks, Wushan rocks, Xinqiao rocks
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