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The Characteristics Of Carbonate Reservoir And Research Of Prediction Method

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L H WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120330338493422Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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As the recovery of global economy and demand for the petroleum,which occupies the first place in energy life of the various countries.The marine facies carbonate reservoir,which accounts for 60% of the total world oil&gas and has enormous exploration potentiality, play a more and more important role among the national economy and politics.Taking a marine face carbonate reservoir work area,for example,I study the characteristics and the prediction methods of the carbonate reservoir of the work area.The paper has conducted the detailed research to this area's reservoir characteristics,and integrated application of the seismic horizon labeling and detailed interpretation, sensitive attribute extraction and optimization, post-stack seismic acoustic impedance inversion, the 90 degree phase shift, strata slice, spectral decomposition in the seismic sedimentology and based on the wavelet frequency-divided of coherence cube technology, and a series of comprehensive prediction of reservoir geological and geophysical techniques, to carry out the target block of reservoir evaluation and application of further research work.On the basis of the detailed horizon interpretation,I do some research on seismic facies,using the 90 degree phase shift, strata slice, spectral decomposition of three key technologies of the seismic sedimentology to try and utilize in the carbonate reservoir area.Studies have shown that: 90 degree phase shift can improve the accuracy of horizon interpretation;compared to the horizon slicing,strata slicing is more in line with laws of geologic sedimentation; spectral decomposition can improve the identification of the scope of the reefs; a combination of based on the wavelet frequency-divided of coherence cube technology and the strata slicing technology can improve the internal and external structure of the reefs and its characterization of the reefs' boundary.And I achieved mainly by seismic data-driven logging constrained spare spike inversion on the basis of the preferred method of seismic inversion,to obtain the true reservoir information of the best use of seismic data.On this basis,I predicted the work reservoir and determined the spatial distribution of the reefs for providing a favorable basis of the subsequent evaluation and exploration of carbonate reservoirs.I established a set of area-based marine carbonate reservoir prediction of the theoretical system, hoping for other areas of carbonate reservoir prediction has some help and guidance.
Keywords/Search Tags:seismic sedimentology, attribute analysis, based on the wavelet frequency-divided of coherence cube technology, spare spike inversion, reservoir prediction
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