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Study On Reservoir Heterogeneity Model Of The Third Member Of Dongying Formation In The Third Block Of Shengtuo Oilfield

Posted on:2008-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360218463732Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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Reservoir heterogeneity is one of the most direct factors influencing onthe seepage and drive of petroleum and plays an important role in thedistribution of remaining-oil. The thesis is focused on the main reservoir ofthe thrid members of Dongying formation of the thrid block in Shengtuooilfield.Bydevelopingtheresearchofsedimentarymicrofacies, the reservoirmicrocharacteristics and the characteristics of the barrier beds and interbedsare analysed in detail. Then heterogeneous synthetic index is calculated byuse of log interpretation parameters. Interlayer, intrastratal and planeheterogeneity are analysed, and the reservoir heterogeneity model isestablished. On the basis of these studies, the main influential factors ofreservoir heterogeneity and the relation between heterogeneity andremaining-oilareopenedout.Following achievements have been obtained in this thesis: First,establishing the model of sedimentary microfacies; Second, pointing out thatits micro-heterogeneityis strong, and establishing the heterogeneitymodel ofpore structure in different microfacies; Third, generalizing the types,characteristics, contributingfactors, and spacedistributionstyleofthe barrierbeds and interbeds; Then, obtaining conclusions that interlayer heterogeneity is middleandthat internal heterogeneityis stronger.Thedistributionofplaneheterogeneityis different indifferent layers, and thedegreeofreservoirplaneheterogeneity is mainly middle to stronger. Finally, considering thatremaining oil is distributed in the transition zone between middle andstrongerheterogeneity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shengtuo oilfield, Sedimentary microfacies, Microcharacteristic, Barrier beds and interbeds, Reservoir heterogeneity
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