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Study On Description Of Subtle Traps In Shengtuo Region

Posted on:2009-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360245499724Subject:Geological Engineering
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Shengtuo region is old exploitation in Shengli Oil Field. The subtle reservoir is major exploitation object in Shengtuo region. The glutenite reservoir in Es4 and the turbidite reservoir in Es3 is main type in subtle reservoir, which is too complex to describe and foretell.Glutenite suites of various genetic types developed in the northern abrupt slope , which take skirt-type distribution transversely along the northern Shengtuo region. High quality reservoir is mainly located in middle-fan plaiting channel sand body.Fluxoturbidite is the product of redeposition of frontal sheet sand or river mouth bar sandbodies, which avalanche and slide when the external shearing force triggered by gravity and earthquake overcome the internal cohesive force. Fluxoturbidite reservoirs have been deposited in deep lake near the rich source rocks. Hydeocarbons would migrate vertically, laterally or along faults in short distance and accumulate in lithologic and lithologic-fault screened traps.To exactly describe this kind of subtle reservoir, the seismic attributes analysis mainly focuses on the storage capability and oil-gas-bearing possibility. The seismic attributes analysis may verify the reliability of seismic inversion, reservoir prediction, and, at the same time, it may predict the possibility of oil-gas bearing of the target area according to the comparison with the known oil-gas bearing area and the seismic attributes matrix. So we use the method of cluster analysis to reliably show the hydrocarbon distribution in this area. The attribute cluster analysis result can provide favorable objective areas for further exploration. The method of well log contained inversion has been applied in the oil field for many years , and it becomes more and more maturer. This method aims at predicting reservoir and identifying lithology of target bed by integrating high vertical resolution and continuous tracing stratigraphic information of lateral seismic data together.In this article we used the method of cluster analysis, seismic attribute analysis and logging constraint inversion to exactly describe the subtle reservoir in Shengtuo region to get satisfied result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shengtuo region, subtle reservoir, glutenite, turbidite, cluster analysis, seismic attribute, logging constraint inversion
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