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Detection And Prediction Of Fracture-cave Contained Reservoir Of Carbonate From Seismic Data

Posted on:2011-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360302492864Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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This paper focuses on Fracture-cave contained reservoir of carbonate description and sculpture method, comprehensive integration of the forward wave field modeling, cave modeling, prediction of fracture density and direction, stress analysis, rock physics forward model, seismic attribute analysis and extraction and other aspects. After careful research work, based on the results of previous studies, using more software applications, more information fusion technology sculptured fracture-cave system of carbonate, which is set layer the study of regional reserve analysis and fluid detection.First, this article starting point characteristics in seismic sections, when we recognize beaded structure exist on seismic profiles, we establishment of the geological model, forward modeling approach taken to confirm whether these structures are carbonate rocks cave. In many design model, using some parameters and forward the results compared with the log data consistent, we know that the bead structure on seismic profile is the cave's performance in the seismic sections.Secondly, through use of pre-stack data and post-stack data, research fracture development in the region, simulation of stress field of rock physics model of stress, this study tectonic fractures; application method of dielectric anisotropy tectonic fractures within the region research non-structural and structural fractures (mainly non-structural fractures). Combined two methods determine the direction and the density of fractures in the region.Thirdly, by studying the various types of seismic attribute calculation, extraction theory, application conditions to select the study area by the appropriate property. the attribute which was extracted will be combined with the geological data. Therefore, we use multi-information fusion technology will be beneficial attribute information preserved, accurate description of the cave.Extracted through information fusion technology can correctly describe the properties of caves and fracture, application of advanced display software on the fractured-cave system to display, in strict accordance with cracks and caves attribute data. We can be the direction of the change of angle of a detailed analysis of the distribution through three-dimensional data in an integrated display, so that we can more intuitive the underground information.
Keywords/Search Tags:Forward modeling, Caves, Fracture, Sculpture fracture-cave
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