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The Application Of Poststack Seismic Attribute In The Reservoir Description Of Sanjianfang Group Of Wenmi Oilfield

Posted on:2011-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360308490423Subject:Geological Engineering
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Wenmi oil field is a high water-cut old oil field in Tuha exploration area. In this study, taking full advantage of the structure interpretation function of Landmark based on the high accuracy seismic data, we finished the high accuracy three-dimensional seismic structure interpretation in S11 and S31 of Sanjianfang group, sorted out the characteristic of structure and fracture and tracked the top reflection layer of the major reservoir under the control of the Cretacic regional unconformity surface and the strong top reflection event of bottom sand layer of Qiketai group, thus in order to lay a solid foundation for seisemic attribution analyse following. At the same time, we realised the conception, classification and geology meaning of seismic attributes, knew the way of extracting and analysing the seismic attributes and comprehended the phylogeny, current situation and prospect of the seismic attributes analysis technology by gathering and consulting related articles. Further more, we have researched on some basic conceptions, means and algorithms of wave impedance reversion to make a solid theory basis for reservoir prediction.Under the guide of theory of sequence stratigraphy and sedimentary, we took on comparisons and sublayer divided comparisons among some major sand reservoir layer intervals S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5 with a series of data using drilling, logging, seismic and so on. On the basis of single well sedimentary microfacies analysis, well-tie sedimentary microfacies analysis and plane sedimentary microfacies division, we forecast the advantageous reservoir zone considering the distribution feature of oil&gas and we know the variation trend of each sand group more or less considering the refactoring reversion of characteristic curve on the basis of the wave impedance reversion. Especially, we paid more attention to the flat variation charecteristic of sand thickness of Sanjianfang group in Wenxi area.The results of reservoir prediction indicate that the reservoir S3, S4 in which Sanjianfang group below oil reservoir is are thicker than the reservoirs S1, S2 in which Sanjianfang above oil reservoir is. In lateral direction, Wenxi No.3, Wen No.5, Wenxi No.1, Wenxi No.8 and Mideng-Qiudong areas grow better. On the contrary, Wennan, Wenxi No.6 and Honghu area grow worse. The plane distribution characteristic is corresponde to the submarine distributary channel of northwest braid delta, the probenance of which is southeast. Major sand layers including Wenxi No.3 oil,servoir S11, S12, S13 and S21 are thin, S22 is well-distributed and grows better. S23 varies notably in lateral direction,of which the east part grows better than the west, and there are seven sand developmental fields along north west. S31 varies mainly in lateral direction.,of which the east part grows better than the west and in the lateral direction the sand bodies distribute agglomeratly. S32 varies mainly in lateral direction, of which the middle part grows worse while the other parts grow better and distributes elongated in horizon along the direction NW. S33 varies mainly in lateral direction, of which the middle part growths worse while the east and west part grow well which distribute elongated in horizon along the direction NW. Finally, the reservoir prediction results can satisfy the well pattern adjustment and achieve the expected target.
Keywords/Search Tags:seismic attribute analysis, wave impedance inversion, reservoir thickness prediction
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