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Study On Permeability Modeling Of Low Porosity And Low Permeability Reservoir In Longdong Region Of Ordos Basin

Posted on:2011-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360308960137Subject:Solid Earth Physics
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The region of Longdong which located in the southwest of Ordos Basin has been undergone complex structure and sedimentary evolution history. Chang 8 formation is one of the main exploration strate of the study area. Chang 8 formation is low porosity and low permeability reservoir, with the sandstone of it characterized by small grain size, strong diagenesis, complicate pore structure, and obvious heterogeneity. The permeability of the formation is key parameter which can demonstrate the complexity of reservoir pore structure and effect the dynamic prediction. So permeability directly influence the hydrocarbon reservoir evaluation. The precision of permeability is the key to description the reservoir and description the remaining quantitative. Provide accurate reservoir permeability parameter, to improve the level of the logging interpretation of petroleum exploration and evaluation of development has the extremely vital significance.Based in low porosity and low permeability reservoir of the actual situation, the paper use the data from the field, determined the reasonable modeling of permeability. With comprehensive analyses of low permeability reservoir characteristics, the reservoir in the region is divided into four categories according to the analysis of thin material porosity. Analysising the four relationship of chang 8 formation of the region, and, on this basis, according to the core material, the coring well test data, the geological data and the comprehensive logging curves, the logging characteristic of oil are analyzed, and the various factors affecting the permeability are analyzed. Model the permeability by binary (porosity) and ternary (permeability) linear regression fitting method to establish the porosity and permeability in the key well. The correlation coefficient of porosity model is 0.939, and the correlation coefficient of permeability is 0.851. Interpretation is accuracy and accord with request plate. Application of the above achievements to the wells beyond the key well, the result is very well. The results match the core analysis results well. The achievements can provide more accurate theory for the logging interpretation and reservoir evaluation in this region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Permeability, Low porosity and low permeability reservoir, Core-scale logging, Pore structure
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