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The Preparation Inorganic Matrix/Rare Earth Organic Hybrid Luminescent Material By Sol-Gel Method

Posted on:2006-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360155462272Subject:Materials science
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ITO sol has been prepared by sol-gel method using metal and inorganic salt as starting materials, the optimum conditions of the reaction were studied. The particle size, morphology and composition of ITO sol were characterized by means of FT-IR and TEM; On the base of ITO sol preparation, we explored a preparation method of inorganic matrix/rare earth organic complex hybrid photo-function material, namely through chemical bond rare earth organic luminophor was combined with the surface of inorganic nanoparticles so as to achieve the hybrid of nano dimension. Inorganic matrix adopted were ITOnanoparticles with good electrical conductivity and light transmittance, rare earthorganic complex was synthesized in-situ on the surface of inorganic nanoparticles,so hybrid material with good luminescence property was obtained. At the same time, two kind of hybrid materials were prepared when rare earth complex or Eu~2+ sol was doped in ITO sol. Europium - dibenzoyl methane - o-phenanthroline ternary complex/ITO sol surface in-situ hybrid material was characterized, the analysis of fluorescence spectrum indicated that a strong and narrow fluorescence emission spectrum peak in 613nm was characteristic emission peak of rare earth Eu~3+; TEM analysis indicated that nanoparticles of the prepared hybrid material presented shape of pellet with burrs and dispersed uniformly, the diameter of nanoparticles was 30~50nm; XRD analysis indicated that the prepared hybrid material was amorphous material. Through the compositive analysis and research on fluorescence property of hybrid material, the prepared hybrid material had the advantage of high luminous intensity and good monochromaticity, then it might be applied widely in the field of luminescent material.
Keywords/Search Tags:ITO sol, Rare earth europium (Ⅲ) complex, Hybrid material
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