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Absorption Spectrum Application In Organic Luminescent Material Research And Development

Posted on:2007-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360212473957Subject:Chemical processes
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In recent years there has been much more developments in researching the organic luminescent material from which high quality organic electroluminescence devices can be produced, and therefore the design and development of the materials become a key for extensive applicantion of the devices. AnShan University of Science and Technology, Rearchers in the Centre of organic function material research and development, since the beginning of the present century, have begun design and sythesize mocules of the organic material and determine their basic structure by means of the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, mass spectrum and other large-type precision instruments. So far, hundred kinds of related compounds have been synthesized, these in which are more than ten kinds of new compounds unreported untill now. According to their molecule main body structures, the new compounds can be devided into 6 classes: substitution biphenyl class; the aromatic ring substitution imidazole class; the fragrant heterocyclic ring substitution imidazole class; the phenylacetylene base class; substitution for rubene class and the tetracene quinone type compound.Main content of the paper is, according to these compound's characteristic structure, to determine their absorption of infra-red spectrum and to analyze their absorption of ultraviolet spectrum, and according to the difference of ultraviolet spectrum characteristic due to different structures of the molecules, to study their changes in luminescent performance. Through testing the absorption of spectrum by these compounds, we found a great deal of true data, and after testing ,analyzing and summrizing the data, we have not only found optimized testing conditions but also obtained a rule of some factors, such as conjugate system's length within molecules of correlated compounds, electronic effect of the aromatic ring connected with substituting groups and etc, influencing ultraviolet spectrum's characteristic. We analyzed the rule theoretically and then arrived at a conclusion, which is a definitely clear guidance to researchers concerned, and we also think the testing data correlated is of important reference for these materials to be applied in the future scientic and technological fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electroluminescence, infrared absorption spectrum, ultraviolet absorption spectrometry, molecular structure, electron effect
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