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Study On The Wet Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Of H-acid

Posted on:2008-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360215465148Subject:Chemical Engineering
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The waste water containing H-acid is difficult to degradation that the dye industry needs badly be controlled. The current research of wet hydrogen peroxide oxidiation of H-acid at home and abroad was reviewed. To solve the problem with high reaction temperature and pressure in the wet air oxidize process firstly, H2O2, which is a kind of the stronger oxidant, was used .It was found that H2O2 could make the oxidizing reaction occur under gentle conditions and a better results were obtained. Secondly, a serials catalysts were made by the method of the coprecipitation and impregnated.Under the same process conditions, color removal,COD removal, surface area and the leaching of metal ion etc. were regarded as the evaluation index of the catalyst activation and stability. The prepared conditions of the oxide compounding type and load type catalyst were optimized and the catalysts were signified.Finally, the process conditions of WPO and CWPO were optimized.The influence of the consumption of hydrogen peroxide, the temperature, pH value etc. on WPO result were investigated.It was observed that COD and color removal could reach 62.0% and 98.7% under such conditions: T=110℃, P=0.5MPa , initial pH=5.0 and the initial concentration of H-acid containing water was 10g/l with theoretical dosage of peroxide .The effects of active components ratio and bake temperature on catalyst activation of the Cu/Ni D series catalyst were investigated. D6 was selected as the best catalyst of them. With catalyst D6, 92.0% of COD removal and 99.9% of color removal were obtained in the CWPO process under the same reaction conditions.Kinetic analysis was done for WPO and CWPO on the basis of the experimental datum. And it showed that Ea was reduced by 42% with the adding of the catalyst.In the test of preparing against load type series catalyst E, the influence on catalyst activation and stability of the preparation techniques, kinds of the carrier, the granularity of the carrier, load amount and adding amount of Ce, etc.were researched. E2 was selected as the best catalyst of them. With catalyst E2, Compared with D6, the process conditions of CWPO were optimized further. The result showed that COD and color removal of E2 were obtained 93.7% and 99.9% under such conditions: lower temperature and pressure of 90℃and latm, initial and final pH value of 9.01 and 5.23.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wet hydrogen peroxide oxidation, Catalyst, H-acid
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