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Study On The Safety Of Long Afterglow Photoluminescence Material In Industrialization Process

Posted on:2005-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360245457243Subject:Safety Technology and Engineering
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Long afterglow photoluminescence materials are a new kind of safe and environmental materials, which can light when they are excitated by ultraviolet radiation, visible light or infrared light. Recent years, they have been studied and developed sharply, and are applied in many fields, including construction materials, means of transportation, site sign, coating and printing ink, ceramic apparatus and so on . They perform emergency light, indication, and ornament.For their lighting characteristic, they are used as a kind of green lamp-house, and have good foreground in appearance set, road lighting, construction sign and else. And they can be made into safety guard, such as danger sign, warning cards, and emergency fleeing sign. It is very important to cope with outburst incident and accident. Since 9·11 event, U.S laws show that long afterglow photoluminescence material must be used in high-floor building for emergency accident. And they can also be seen in road, marketplace, school and else site. So, it can be clear that there are wide market foreground and application values.With the study and exploitation of long afterglow photoluminescence, many enterprises and companies have produce luminescence materials and their goods with mass production. But there are many risk sources and hidden danger in their production process, including high temperature burn(1000℃~1500℃), fire and explosion, powder and dust harm, hazardous substance and radioactive hurt(rare radioelement), and study in this field is very little. Therefore, it is very necessary to recognize, monitor and control, assess and analyze them. These are involved with process hazard analysis and assessment, hazard recognition and material safety.In this paper, the safety of long afterglow photoluminescence materials in the development of industrialization is discussed, including raw and processed materials safety, process hazard, produce harm and development current. The methodologies of Checklist, Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), Process Hazard Analysis, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), DOW assessment and Interactional Matrix Analysis method are used. At the same time Emergency plan and Occupation Safety Health Management system (OSHMS) are also discussed. It is important to safety management of long afterglow photoluminescence materials in the development of industrialization, because these can decrease accident probability and economic loss, promote to internationalization development.In process of analyses and study, Life Cycle Safety Management of Production(LCSM) is cited, which is applied in the process of raw and processed materials, preparation, transport, deposited, and product study in order to reduce risk sources, hidden danger. The safety cleaner management can assure the safety long afterglow photoluminescence materials and produce .
Keywords/Search Tags:long afterglow photoluminescence, high temperature burn, powder harm, risk sources, recognition, safety management, safety assessment, process hazard analysis, emergency plan, OSHMS, Safety Life Cycle Management of Production
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