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Research On Catastrophe Theory Of Floor Water Inrush In Mine Coal

Posted on:2009-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Q ZuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360248456486Subject:Mineral prospecting and exploration
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Coal reserves in north of China is very large.But it is very difficult to exploit, especially the last coal seams in coal mines.With the exploitation depth of coal seams increasing,water inrush from the coal motherboard had continually happened. Therefore life and wealth of people in China had been largely destroyed.Studying water inrush prediction method is very important to the security yield of coal mine. And it makes sense to instruct the prevention of coal mine and exploit the last coal seams.The water inrush prediction of coal seams is a nonlinear question,and is comprehensively influenced by many factors.The article has employed Synergetics and Mutation theory to advance the water inrush prediction methods of coal seams with the characters such as geology and hydrological geology in Wannian coal mine. It offers another approach to settle water inrush.The primary work is generalized as follow.Firstly,the article has analyzed the influenced factors such as hydraulic pressure,confining bed and so on.Secondly,the article has put Synergetics used to analyze the cooperation with the coal seam motherboard system.On the base of controlling principle,the article has calculated and validated ten examples of Wannian coal mine.And the result is consistent with the physical truth.Thirdly,the article has developed the experiment design of mutation.Above all,based on the experiment request,the working face called 13268 of 2~# coal seam imbedded sensors of stress, strain,hydraulic pressure by the different depth.Single argument list cusp mutation model was set up by the monitoring data.And then the article put the actual monitoring data such as stress of coal mine,hydraulic pressure use to develop the water inrush prediction of motherboard.The result indicated that the working face can't happen to water inrush.Fourthly,the article applied mutation theory to build mutation model about mechanics and to predict water inrush of motherboard of2~#-9~# coal seam mine.The result indicated that 2~#,4~#,6~# coal seams can't happen to water inrush when taking no account of fault,but when taking account of fault the firstly level of them can't occur water inrush too,the secondly and thirdly levels may happen to water inrush.Fifthly,the article put controlling principle and mutation model use to the prediction of water inrush and subarea of 2~#,4~#,6~#,9~# coal seams on the base of 127 bores.The prediction and subarea gained by controlling principle was indicated as follow.The southwest and northwest of Wannian mine area belong to safety.The middle belongs to danger.The southeast and northeast belong to high risk.The prediction result gained by mutation model was indicated as follow.The whole area belongs to safety about 2~#,4~#,6~# coal seams.But the prediction of 9~# coal seam is identical with that gained by controlling principle.Sixthly,according to the danger area and high risk area,the article has advanced prevention measures.For example, we can cut the length of working face,grouting,observe groundwater dynamic and so on.Therefore,the two nonlinear research methods by compressive application can provide new theory and technology for mine water inrush.
Keywords/Search Tags:coal mine water inrush, mutation theory, synergetics, cusp mutation model, the prediction of water inrush
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