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Research On Directory Precipitation Preparation Process And Surface Modification Of Nano-Nickel Oxide

Posted on:2010-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360272994226Subject:Chemical processes
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The properties of nanometer particles and the properties,applications,present research situations as well as preparation methods of nano-nickel oxide were briefly introduced in this paper,corresponding experiments about preparation process and surface modification of nano-nickel oxide had been investigated with theoretical analysis about preparation process and surface modification.Firstly,the basic process of nanometer by direct precipitation process were analyzed.And then,the order of influencing factors and the feasible process conditions of nano-nickel oxide preprared was obtained,through single-factor and multi-factor orthogonal design influencing yidld and particle size of nano-nickel oxide. At last,the surface modification experiments on the prepared nano-nickel oxide were advanced.Through single-factor experiments andmulti-factor orthogonal design of main factors influencing modified results of sodium stearate and silane coupling agent,the favourable process conditions of influencing factor was obtained.The experimental results show:(1) Using hexahydrate nickel dichloride as the raw material,sodium carbonate as the precipitate agent,the process technology to prepare nano-nickel oxide,is feasible.By reaction,filtration,wash,drying and roasting,through experimental analyse and considering both product particle size and nickel recovery,the suitable technology conditions for precipitation process are:reaction temperature 50℃,precipitate agent amount 1.1:1,precipitate agent concentration 0.4mol/L,reaction time 30min;The suitable roasting condition is roast at 400℃for 2h.Based on these conditions,the nano-nickel oxide nickel recovery can be up to 95%,and the particle size can be about 15nm.(2) Taking sodium stearate and silicane coupling agent(KH570) as the modification agent to make surface modification on nano-nickel oxide,through single-factor and multi-factor orthogonal test analysis,the suitable process are:1.sodium stearate: modification temperature 40℃,pH value 4,modification time 50min,modification agent amount 6%;2.silicane coupling agent(KH570):modification temperature 50℃,pH value 6,modification time 30min,modification agent amount 8%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Direct precipitation method, Nano-nickel oxide, Surface modification, Nickel receiving rate, Product particle size
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