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A Multi-Fault Rush Repair Strategy For Distribution Networks Based On Improved Discrete BCC

Posted on:2012-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330338990778Subject:Power system and its automation
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Various natural disasters often happen in our country, and they often give power system bring great destruction. Especially in the distribution network place, because the network structure is extremely complex, when due to external forces multiple severe faults occurred in the grid, the decisions were made by decision-makers on the basis of experiences in the past. Unfortunately, the decisions are often not the best and most effective. Therefore, it is important to develop a emergency platform of optimal repair scheduling, improving the post-disaster grid power supply security.In recent years, distribution service restoration and repair path selection have been widespread concerned, but there is little research on the repair strategies. Thus, in this paper, we do further research on the multi-faults rush repair strategies after disaster:Firstly, According to the characteristic of distribution network, it is represented as a graphic by using the graph theory. Distribution network is mapping for no directed graph mathematical model, and gives computer storage method of the distribution network. Using the Bread First Search method and Deep First Search method to analysis the topology; Based on the comparison with different power flow calculation methods, giving the advantages and disadvantages of various algorithm.Then, According to the actual situation of distribution networks, a multiple optimization model which combines of rush repair and service restoration for distribution networks was developed A multi–teams cooperative repair strategy is considered. Interval homing scheme is introduced in the MOBCC algorithm to improve the performance of MOBCC algorithm to solve the problem of discrete domain, the same time, partial update mechanism is introduced to speed up convergence. The analysis of examples show that the method can significantly improve the performance of MOBCC algorithm and the solution set of optimum repair and service restoration was obtained effectively.Additional, considering distributed power supply and emergency power generation equipment more and more applied, In combination with the characteristics of the distributed generation sand emergency power generation equipments ,a optimization model which combines of rush repair, power supply vehicles dispatch and service restoration for distribution networks with DGs was developed when the multiple faults happen suddenly. analysis of examples show that power supply vehicles dispatch and service restoration were obtained effectively, and the losses which caused by power failure are minimized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed network, Rush repair, Service restoration, Improved BCC algorithm, Power supply vehicles, Distributed generation
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