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Research And Analysis On Substation Operation Management System Of Changtai County Power Supply Co., Ltd

Posted on:2017-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R W WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330488450218Subject:Software engineering
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Power system as the infrastructure of the national life is a continuous non-stop operation of the system, electricity production, transmission and consumption is at the same time, substation as the node importance in the operation of the power system transmission of major. The sustainable development of domestic economy brings on electric energy demand growth, as an important part of power system, increasing the number of substations, the stability of the secondary equipment in substation of power system, safety and technology level continuously improve, with the national grid proposed "three five" system construction, in demanding grid in unattended substation, substation management information requirements also continues to increase. From the early manual recording telephone communication management system to the present full digital intelligent operation management system, the substation operation management system has made great progress.This paper discusses the development and current situation of the operation management system of background and such system; according to the example of Changtai County Power Supply Co., Ltd. proposed significance of the project, by the method of object oriented to analysis of substation operation management system software business, draw the existing management business process flow chart, through the analysis of business process management, clear business process analysis gives the use case modeling and the use of use case diagram and a large number of cases described in detail table, clearly defined to describe system needs to complete the target function. In functional analysis based on the proposed the overall function of the system structure and each module of the breakdown structure, including the equipment information management, work ticket management, maintenance management, equipment defect management, running log management, authority management of user’s post, seven major functional modules of the system management; according to the demand of the system of data analysis, give out kind of entity relationship diagram, describes the basic structure of the database table.
Keywords/Search Tags:Power grid, information system, substation operation management, software modeling
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