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The Research On Multi-Agent Theory And Security Defensive System For Power System Computer Network

Posted on:2006-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360155962061Subject:Software engineering
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The next power system computer network has started the application. Standardization and distributed componentization are becoming a trend. But, during the period of construction and using, there exists some problems, such as inter-connection, inter-communication and security defense. So, the research on the next power system computer network theory and security defensive system based on Multi-Agent theory is done.First of all, the key technology realizing the next power system computer network based on Multi-Agent theory is dissussed, including development enviroment, programming language and communication protocol. Cooperation model, coordinates model, business model, simulation model in the transmission management based on Multi-Agent are proposed.Secondly, CORBA's performance is optimized by means of batch sending data, package splitting, improving data granularity.what's more,the performance is tested. By combination the optimized CORBA into Multi-Agent, We have designed the distributed computational model based on Multi-Agent, and also constructed the whole architecture of AOSDE.Then, from the aspect both security defensive algorithm and system security architecture, we design the security defensive system. The system has satisfied the power system to the security and timely request. Security defensive algorithm is a hybrid algorithm based on RSA and Rabin.The security architecture is based on three-layer B/S architecture and the four-layer architecture with secure authentication.Finally, the security defensive model and security measures are proposed on E-MAIL, communication gateway and SPDnet in the next...
Keywords/Search Tags:EMS-API, Multi-Agent theory, CORBA, XML, the next power system computer network, Security defensive system
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