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The Study Of Low-Voltage High-Current Output Voltage Regulator Module

Posted on:2007-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360182483087Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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The power supply for modern microprocessors was known as a VoltageRegulator Module(VRM). The modern microprocessors were being designed towork with lower levels of voltage in order to meet the increasingly highdemands for speed and efficiency. So the requirements for themicroprocessors' power supplies are more and more critical. Today,5~12 Vinput DC/DC converter has been far and wide used in VRM′s design. In futureapplications, it will be impractical for Voltage Regulator Modules(VRMs) todraw power from the 12 V-output of the silver box because the voltage bus willbe too low to deliver more power. Therefore, Distributed Power Systems(DPSs)with buses of 48 V will be more feasible solutions for future high-end PCs.There are three parts in this paper. Firstly, looked back the history of VRM,analysed the status in quo and foreground, educed the difficulties in designingVRM. In this paper combined with Double-Buck Converter detailedlyintroduce Synchronous-Rectifier, Poly-Phase Interleaving and IntegratedMagnetics. Secondly, introduced the rule in designing 48 V-input VRM andproposed a novel topology — Double MOSFETs Double TransformersConverter (DMDTC). Thirdly, introduced the principle of DMDTC andcombined with simulation and experiment to validate the theory.Last, executed a 5 V-input VRM based on the Buck converter and a 48V-input VRM based on the novel proposed topology. When the Buck converterwas working in QSW, the switches achieved ZVS. And DMDTC achieved ZVS,easy to adopt Self-Drive mode, predigested the control circuit, so DMDTC willbe more feasible solutions for future high-end PCs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Voltage Regulator Module, Synchronous-Rectifier, Poly-Phase Interleaving, Integrated Magnetics, Double-Buck Converter, Double MOSFET Double Transformer Converter
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