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Design On A Phase-Shifted ZVS DC/DC Full-Bridge Converter With 50V/50A

Posted on:2009-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360245486370Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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With the developments of the communication technology and power systems,a higher demand of the performance,weight,volume,efficiency and reliability of the supply for communication and electricity operation are proposed.Moreover, combined with the soft-switching,the full bridge converter which is used in high-power occasions has been used in resolving the issue.Therefore,it is of great significance for its research and design.Firstly,the thesis has expounded the soft-switching technology of PWM DC/DC converter.And then it has based a main circuit topology of phase-shifted control PWM ZVS full-bridge converter,selected the circuit topology of soft switching technology ZVS which is Suitable for this paper,then expounded its basic principles and the realization strategy of ZVS soft-switching.Secondly,the thesis has designed the main circuit topology which we selected, and gave the methods of parameters designing and calculation for main circuit, including the devices selection of input and output bridge rectifier and inverter bridge;further parameters' designing with input rectifying filter circuit,high-frequency transformer and the resonant inductor,output rectifying filter circuit.Then,it has discussed the form of a phase-shifted circuit,and then chose chip of phase-shitfed.Besides it has also analyzed the phase-shifted chip-UC3875 in detail. Moreover,it designed and analysised the driving circuit for the main power devices MOSFET.Finally,based on theoretical calculations,it simulated the main circuit system, researched the parameters of system's different parts,at the same time determined whether they accorded with a practical circuit.Ultimately,the article has structured a test platform for phase-shifted ZVS DC / DC full- bridge converter,on which massive experiments has been done. The results have indicated that the DC / DC converter that were designed by the article can achieve good soft-switching,improve efficiency,and cause the stable control of output voltage.Ultimately,the DC output can realize a wide range adjustment,and it has a good project practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:switching mode power supply, high frequency transformer, phase-shifted control, zero-voltage-switching, UC3875
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