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The Optimum Design Of Truss Structure

Posted on:2009-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360275467597Subject:Structural engineering
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The application of space tress structure in the Long-span space increasingly widespread in recent years.Large-scale constructions of public buildings,especially the most construction of sports use the space truss structure.To solve these problems on the network structure,the optimal design is analyzed in order to save materials and reduce cost in this paper.As a theory of biological evolution bionics algorithm Genetic Algorithm is widely concerned in the computer science and optimization.This paper analyzed the related-content Genetic Algorithm and its application in structural optimization,and introduces the basic structure of the genetic algorithm,application,main features,the current situation and characteristics of the optimum design.Genetic Algorithm has the parallelism with the implicit and global convergence of the two prominent characteristics;it will be cited to the optimum,design of structure.In this paper,we choose three forms of space truss structure to do preliminary study and make the structure weight as object function(Square Pyramid Space Grid Structures,Pump Pyramid Space Grid Structures,Orthogonal and Ortho-laid Space Grid Structures).First,we use GDCAD optimization the three types of space truss structure in meshing size and space truss height.Second,use Opt Stress Ratio Method to design the three types of space truss.Finally,use ANSYS optimization algorithm, Genetic Algorithm and Improved Algorithm of Genetic Programming to analyze the Square Pyramid Space Grid Structures and Pump Pyramid Space Grid Structures to analyze in the static optimum design of structure to offer the theories basis to the actual projects,because the weight of Orthogonal and Ortho-laid Space Grid Structures too large to others structure type.Compared with the static optimum design of structure,the theory and method of the dynamic optimum design of structure is faultiness,unstructured and immature. The research results are still low;especially the engineering applications are far away from satisfactory.We will do some discussions that add the frequency constraint beside the constraint conditions in static optimum design of structure.We use seismic load to inflict the dynamic load to the structure,and also use the three methods above-mentioned to analyze the structure and reduce the dynamic response.We hope that can provide some references to the actually project.Compared with other methods,we can learn that using the Improved Genetic Algorithm costs the least material,of which the results are reliable,and it offers the useful advice for the project through the analytical method of dynamic and static optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:The optimum design of structure, Genetic Algorithm, Improved Algorithm of Genetic Programming, object function
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