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Research On Key Technologies Of Distributed Network-based Manufacturing System

Posted on:2010-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360275480430Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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At the impact of globalization and rapid development of the high-tech, the strategies and activities of production and the business of company should be face the global,at the same time,they also should be fully and rational use of information technology as represented by high-tech,set up and implementation of distributed network-based systems structure with the organizational and production and management,so that organized and use a variety of distributed and heterogeneous manufacturing resources so as to fast and flexible,in order to seek mutual cooperation between enterprises and seek market opportunities in the face of fierce market competition,to achieve survival and development.To this end,this paper study the following aspects of some key technologies in distributed networked manufacturing systems mainly:Firstly,on the distributed network of manufacturing definition,content, features,as well as enabling technology,distributed the a number of characteristics of Agent Technology used in the Distributed Networked Manufacturing System,and build a structure of multi-Agent system,and analysis the mode of interactive,collaborative operation and consultation mechanisms of the multi-Agent system in the distributed networked manufacturing system.Introduction CORBA-based Multi-Agent Systems Integration Framework,and integrated the mechanism and communication of interaction in the framework,in order to set up multi-Agent systems based on distributed networked manufacturing system model,and analysis the strategy of set up the model and cooperation models and organizational models and choose the object of cooperation and cooperation in multi-Agent System Model of the distribution and collaboration and mission planning and coordination.Analysis the functions and characteristics of the intelligent CNC system, through study the equipment through the Agent for the NC model and the network operating environment of numerical control and intelligent STEP-NC controller's operation mode and method of implementation,in order to set up innovative intelligent STEP -NC-based controller to support distributed network of intelligent CNC equipment manufacturing system, with the practical use of Agent-based distributed network of technical equipment.In the same time,through the simulation study of Agent Architecture to build distributed intelligent CNC equipment simulation model of the mission,at the same time to set up mission of the distribution model by genetic algorithm and Gantt chart display to verify the feasibility of the system.Network Manufacturing System is a model of traditional manufacturing Sublation and innovation,advanced manufacturing mode of the current hot research.At present,the distributed network of manufacturing systems theoretical research progress has been achieved,applied research is relatively lagging behind,especially the application of the status quo in our country at present Study on the Application of the manufacturing sector is still at the early stage.Therefore,the distributed network of manufacturing systems for a number of key technologies to explore questions of great theoretical and application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:distributed network of manufacturing, cooperation model, Agent technology, STEP-NC controller, information exchange, collaboration, intelligent numerical control equipment
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