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The Research On Xenon Light Soft Switch Power Supply

Posted on:2010-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360275978552Subject:Power system and its automation
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A double current rectifier Phase-Shifted Full Bridge ZVS PWM(PS FB ZVS PWM)convertor is designed.This convertor is a kind of low voltage high current(40A,24V)power supply which is constant current power supply used to support xenon light when it is working.The Pulse Width Modulation is realized by phase-shifted control.Double current rectifier combined with Phase-Shifted Full Bridge ZVS PWM (PS FB ZVS PWM)is a kind of improved technology of full wave rectifier PS FB ZVS PWM.This topology can overcome the disadvantages of traditional full wave rectifier PS FB ZVS PWM converter.Double current rectifier PS FB ZVS PWM can achieve a wide load range ZVS without duty cycle losing.At the same time the secondary voltage spike can be eliminated.In this dissertation,the theory of double current rectifier FB ZVS PWM converter topology is described.The influences of double current rectifier and full wave rectifier on the transformer primary side as well as the whole circuit in PS FB ZVS PWM converter are analyzed.Basing on the principle analyses,the system hardware circuit is designed according to the demand of xenon light working power supply.A soft switch phase-shift controlling special chip UC3879 is adopted as the controller.At the same time,the main circuit,the control circuit as well as the protect circuit are designed in detailed.The selections of main components are also made.Finally,the key waves of the two converters and the system output waves are gained by MATLAB simulation.The lag-lead correction of the whole system is finished.The results show advantages of double current rectifier PS FB ZVS PWM convertor and the feasibility of the circuit design.
Keywords/Search Tags:double current rectifier, full wave rectifier, phase switch full bridge, soft switch, zero voltage
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