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Studies On Biology And Application Of Sex Pheromone Of Rondotia Menciana Moore

Posted on:2006-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2133360152499541Subject:Agricultural extension
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Mulberry white caterpillar(Rondotia menciana Moore),which belongs to Insecta, Pterygota, Lepidopterea, Bombycidae and Rondotio ,is distributed widely and its larva eats and harms the leaves of mulberry,fherefore it seriously influence the output of the leaves of mulberry during the period of summer and autumn. Mulberry white caterpillar only harms mulberry. This experiment,which adopts the follwing methods like field survey and indoor raise,studies the incubation property and biological characteristics of the ovum wintering of Mulberry white caterpillar ,which provides basis for the field prevention. And meanwhile it studies the applying method to lighten harms to the next generation by means of the sex pheromone to lure male silk moth to their death in order to realize not to mate with female ones to decrease the mating rate.The main contents are as follows:1.1 The biological characteristics of Mulberry white caterpillar Birth rate,ovum wintering and their annual generations' numberMulberry white caterpillar has first,second and third birth rates,which passes through the winter on the branches of mulberry in forms of covered ovum.It can give birth to third generations in a year in Shandong Province.And it mainly give birth to one generation,while the second and third generations are less. July and August are its most harmful periods till end at the end of October. It overlaps each generation because of its long incubation of ovum wintering for more than two months.1.2 Occurring regulation and living habitsThe larva incubation period occurs mostly at 6:00 to 9:00 am,its uncovered rate is 95-100%.While its covered ovum is 81% to ita most,the average is 60.57%. The larva incubated by covered ovum climbs up along the branches and to get food by climbing along the end of the leaves to their back. The larva incubated by covered ovum climbs to the other leave to get food, while the silk spitted by it gangs down. The larva experiences four times of dropped skins and five times of life. Old and matured The larva producescocoon on the back of the leaves during its first and second generation,while its third generation produces cocoon on the branches.Silk moth Abounded in of the adult silkworm wintering in Shandong is during the early month of August, Silk moth Abounded in of the first adult silkworm is in the middle of September,while silk moth abounded in of the second adult silkworm is in the middle and late of October,and it focuses as its large quantity wintering.The quantity of the first and second generation is gradually decreased.The adult silkworm mainly emerges during day time,at 6:00-9:00 in the morning to the most,and gradually decreases after 9:00 o'clock.It generally does mating 3 hours after its emergence,which occurs mostly on the branches or the back of the leaves,lasting about one hour and twenty minutes .It begins to produce ovum two hours after its mating,which produces more after noon.One covered ovum has 120-140 ovum pieces,while uncovered ovum has 280-300 ovum pieces. The male and female ratio of each generation of Mulberry white caterpillar wintering is l:1.93,the first generation is 1:1.56,while the second generation is 1.85:1.2 The applied usage in the field of the sex pheromone of Mulberry white caterpillar2.1 Attracting and catching Mulberry white caterpillar using sex pheromone. To lure pith using sex pheromone of Mulberry white caterpillar compounded with man-made does attracting and luring experiment,which shows perfect.The insect mouth density is clearly decreased after its prevention and cure.And The lower the insect mouth density is,the more clearly the effect of the prevention is.As sex pheromone is used for many years,the insect mouth is gradually decreased.2.2 The effect for attracting moth of different lured instruments.The best lured instruments is in forms of water basin and boat,while the worst is in forms of triangle and funnel.The luring effect at 25mX25m space distance can lure more in the field.2.3 The applying sex pheromone can measure and investigate the occurance,death and growth regulation of each generation of Mulberry white caterpillar adult silkworm within a year,which has the characteristics of high accuracy and easy ,available method..2.4 The influence of sex pheromone to mating rateThe measured result of mating rate shows that the losing direction method of sex pheromone can clearly decrease the mating rate between male and female moth,at the average decrease 55%.The main reason is because of the large quantity of sex pheromone in the mulberry garden,which influences the information transmite between them to effect their mating,in order to decrease the mating rate.2.5 Economical profitThe economical profit is perfit using sex pheromone of Mulberry white caterpillar lures and prevent Mulberry white caterpillar. Using one pith each 667m field in a low insect mouth density can reach a perfect prevention and cure effect, while its material cost is about 5 yuan.This method can decrease cost over 90% in each field than that of using chemical fertilizers.And another advantage is that it does not pollute the environment and the harmful insects do not become drug-fast. Most of the Mulberry white caterpillar in Shandong Province foceses on high branches of arbor mulberry, so it is difficult to use medicine and to prevent and cure. Therefore ",using sex pheromone to lure and prevent on a large scale has the advantage of easy operating, and it is also a new green way for the injurious insects to be tackled in a comprehensive way, which has a good profit of nature,society and economy.
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