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Study On Genetic Diversity In Soybean Germplasm Using Morphological Characters And RAPD

Posted on:2006-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2133360155962211Subject:Crop Genetics and Breeding
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Soybean is a very important cereal and economic crop,which can provide us with valuable nutrition. 37 cultivars of soybean were selected in this study, which were collected from abroad and different ecotypes in our country. 27 morphological traits of them were estimated with characteristic variation, canonical correlation and cluster analysis. Genetic relationship of 37 varieties were evaluated by RAPD analysis. The consistency of genetic diversity among the varieties was discussed according to genetic similarity coefficient and genetic distance in order to establish the foundation for soybean breeding and genetic improvement. The main results were summarized as follows:1 The variable analysis of significant canonical correlation between differ nt characteristic varieties showed that the days from seeding to blossom and leaves shape had a positive correlation. There was a negative correlation betwaen the days from seeding to seedling and hilumcolour. The days from seeding to blossom had a negative correlation with the content of calcium. The height of the first legumes approaching cotyledon nodus and the width of the legumes had a negative correlation. The height of the first legumes approaching cotyledon nodus had a negative crrelation with the effective pod number in a plant. The length of pod and the weight of 100 seeds had a positive correlation. The yleld characters had not a significant correlation with quality traits.2. The cluster analysis of the genetic distance of agronomic characters showed that the cluster analysis could reflect geographical distribution of the soybean in some degree. The result explained geographical elements can affect varieties greatly. But the genetic distance of few materials from different regiors was very similar, which might have a relation with similar natural environment and closely artificial choice of the materials.3. The optimum RAPD reaction system was obtained, which can be used to evaluate genetic diversity in soybean germplasm. RAPD analysis showed that the cluster results could not better reflect the character of geographical...
Keywords/Search Tags:soybean, morphological characters, RAPD, relationship, cluster analysis, genetic diversity
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