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The Inheritance And Innovation Of Huizhou Carving Art

Posted on:2011-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155330302962107Subject:Art of Design
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Hui Zhou is called from A. D.1121.Hui Zhou consists of Yi County, XiuNing County, WuYuan County, QiMen County, She County, and JiXi County,which forms stable situation. As a traditional historical culture, Hui Culture which emergeded in Huizhou area of Antient Chinese in the late agriculture society is an epitome of Chinese culture, including opinions concerning intrgrating confucianism with buddhism. However Hui Culture's main component is the traditional architecture culture formed by Huizhou's ancient residential areas.In Hui zhou's architecture, the integration of Huizhou Carving and Huizhou's architecture has formed the style of architectural decoration, which reflects Ancient Huizhou People's thoughts morality spiritual pursuit and custom, embodying infinite wisdom of Ancient Huizhou People.In Hui Zhou, wood carving, brick carving and stone carving have gradually formed developed in the great background of Hui Culture.Its history which was ever profoundly influenced by confucianism,Idealist Philosophy of CHENG Yi and ZHU Xi Xinan Painting School,Hui merchants originated from Song Dynasty. The artistic feature of Huizhou Carving,the integration of folk custom and traditional theme are fully embodied in Luxuriance of wood carving, straightforward of stone carving and painstaking brick carving.While the cultural connotation of Huizhou Carving is contained in the significance of implied meaning in patterns.As non-material cultural heritage, although Huizhou Carving which has extremely high cultutal value, artistic value and educational value has experienced thousand years, it still has exuberant vitality,especially in potential value of re-creation and reapplication. To promote sustainable development of Huizhou carving and transform abundant immaterial cultural resources into productivity which can bring benefit to society, we should solve many problems of re-creation and reapplication in Huizhou Carving by government and society's energetically support,inheritance and innovations of the ideology and culture, inheritance and transcendence of the artistic auspicious pattern, effective way of building the park of non-material cultural heritage and protecting the inheritor, learning from the craving art of Ancient Greece,on the basis of the real understanding with the above value.I investigate Huizhou area and collect plenty of materials,deeply understanding the traditional achievements of arts and crafts on the basis of the real understanding with cultural connotation of Huizhou Carving.We must explore effective way and the necessity of diversified development of culture under the influence of economic globalization.Firstly, we must analyse the development value of non-material cultural heritage of Huizhou carving art of Anhui Province by the angle of ecology,emphasizing the fusion of modern means of science and protection law of cultural ecology. To provide reference and guidance of the modern artistic design of localization,we should study the effect of new commercial cultural view and application values on the development of original ecology of Huizhou carving art,and combine organically the elements of folk decorative art by analyzing the artistic features,modeling method and fabrication process of Huizhou carving art and unfolding characteristics of internal cultural which are in multicolor surface.Secondly,in order to protect and inherit non-material cultural heritage of Anhui Province,and find a solution of sustainable development, we can real the realationship among protection and inheritance of non-material cultural heritage of Huizhou carving art, social economy,folk culture and artistic school etc.Finally, to find breakthrough of nest cotyle of traditional research thinking, and enhance to explore the protective effect, Huizhou carving art is carried out the practice research of rescuing,protecting, preservation and innovation,seeking best means of effective inheriting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Huizhou carving, non-material cultural heritage, inheritance, Innovation, sustainable development
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