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Study On The History Of Prehistoric Archaeology In The Southern Tip Of Liaodong Peninsula(1895-2008)

Posted on:2011-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155330332461605Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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The southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula is the one of the premier areas where carry out the Prehistoric archaeological activities.Because of the weakness of the old Chinese Government, excavation activities and research is entirely dominated by the Japanese during this period,some relics were transported to Japan from 1895 to 1945.This is a violation for the Chinese sovereignty, the behavior of the plundering of China's cultural relics.For the academic work of Japanese scholars,we should analysis realistically,many archaeological reports and papers have a certain level and the reference value.After The People's Republic of China established,chinese scholars make great achievements by conduct a large number of prehistoric relics survey and excavation to the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula.Particularly since the 20th century, a series of 70 prehistoric sites were excavated and researched,the prehistoric sequence of archaeological cultures of the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula was established initially,that is,the first culture of Xiaozhu mountain,the second culture of Xiaozhu mountain,the third culture of Xiaozhu mountain,double TuoZi phase in the early,double TuoZi phase in middle,double TuoZi phase in the late,Shuangfang culture.On the basis of it,we clear over the problem of the Stratum and time on the excavation and research increasingly by the analyze of the Japanese scholars before 1945 years ago,so that the information of the excavation to be found on their place.The southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula and the surrounding prehistoric archaeological culture of other archaeological culture have a close relationship,the origin of the first culture of Xiaozhu mountain is Xinglongwa culture;the second culture of Xiaozhu mountain is mainly affected by the impact of primitive culture in Shandong.The original culture of the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula,has played a important role in the development of economic and cultural of the Korean Peninsula.The origin of the agriculture is early on the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula,but always play a important role in the fishing and hunting.Overall,Since the 70s of the 20th century,on the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula,chinese scholars think that most of the research of prehistoric culture are macroeconomic,then the research of Japanese scholars are microscopic.We can use the results of the research of Chinese scholars actively,make up each other's deficiencies,and absorb the fruits of the research scholars of Japanese scholars,Deepening the research of prehistoric culture of the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula.
Keywords/Search Tags:The southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, Prehistoric Archaeology, Culture stage, Cultural Exchange, economic formation
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