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The Study Of Introducing The Wood Pictures Of Yangjiabu Into The High School Art Teaching

Posted on:2011-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The study discussed the design, exploiture and application of the School-based curriculum named"introducing the wood pictures of yangjiabu into the high school art teaching". And the study clarified that exploring the School-based curriculum had became the main task of Primary and secondary education reform with the evolution of the new educational reform and the implementing of national, local, school curriculum management strategies. At the beginning of 2004,when Art Curriculum Development Unit modified"Art Curriculum Standards", added the"Development and Utilization of Art Curriculum Resources"item with the content of nationl, folk art and culture relic. The study thinked that people should utilize the school and outside the school curriculum resources, for example, art gallery, library, museum, Artist Studio, and so on, to hold various forms of art education.In such a concept ,our school also carried out active exploration and innovation. Our school utilized curriculum resources, and exploited school-based curriculum"Yangjiabu wood pictures". At the same time, our school introduced the excellent teaching material which had strong folk custom and high artistic quality into high school art education.The article researched Yangjiabu wood pictures from it's content, art Features to production, and proposed several ideas under every topic from the angle of thinking, experience, practice and expression, so as to cultivate Students a love of local traditional culture, the emotion of Cherishing the legacy and folk culture, and master the method of heritage and protection of cultural heritage. Curriculum and teaching evaluation of the implementation can be seen the innovation of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:School-based curriculum, Yangjiabu wood pictures, Folk emotion
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