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The Cultural Expressions And Applications Of Decoration Materials

Posted on:2012-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155330338998607Subject:Art of Design
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With the development of China's economy,tour industry and its related businesses have been largely promoted. As a result, the field of the decoration design in star-rated hotels has also been expanded. A high-quality hotel interior design is of great importance to the tourism resources and growth of hotel industry because it shows an excellent social image and prospects for a hotel enterprise. Furthermore, it reflects advantage and attraction capability to their customers and visibility to increase opportunity to be advanced in today's market competition for a hotel. Thus, a high-quality hotel design can benefit the hotel in all environmental, social and economic aspects as a whole.An excellent designer is able to make a life experience in a hotel full of rich and color, which rally on coordination between the particular natural and the humanity environment to have perfect expression and sublimating. The design that lacks of culture connotation or simply copy other designs cannot become a successful hotel design. Cultural intervention could create a hotel which has spirit entity, such as culture deep, image health, quite popular. This spirit entity not only represents a kind of architecture and provided with accommodation service places, but a enough to promote urban, incentive society, so that touched every guest's vivid cultural carrier. So, to make a visitor feel literate is inevitable goal for a hotel interior design.The interior design and decorative material are main points to be discussed in this paper. First, through evaluating material potential on the cultural expression by studying relationship between the interior design and decorative material, find feasible ways for how to employ decorative materials in a hotel design. Second, based on the situation and developing trend of the interior design and decorative materials, and put stress on importance of the materials. And then, the paper studies the trend of hotel interior design and the importance of building hotel culture in China. Third, the study generalizes cultural expression of the decorative material by analyzing material quality, texture and color in Xi'an star-rated hotels. Finally, the paper draws a conclusion on usage of decorative material in proper ways and made a forecast for the multiplex tendency of future material performance and development of star-rated hotel.This paper, aiming at perfect cultural expression, makes a great effort to bridge the hotel culture and decoration materials together. The study generalizes cultural expression of the decorative material and provides the guidance on the usage and selection of materials in the Chinese hotel interior design. The author hopes the theory and example analyzed on decorative materials in this paper can help designers in the domestic hotel design, bring them more values and interests in using decorative material, and draw more attention to specialty of decorative material in modern interior design and enable the Chinese modern interior settings to have more connotation, humanization and multiplex.
Keywords/Search Tags:star-rated hotel, decorative material, interior design, cultural connotation, motif
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