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The Phenomena Of Ellipsis In EST And Its Translation

Posted on:2003-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L LianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360062975171Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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With the development of EST (English fOr Science and Technology), the study ofit has been put into detalls in order to communicate directly and effectively with theworid outside China. EST has many features and some of these feawts ndght PrObablycause difficulties in the PrOcess of understanding among which Ellipsis is one.However, the phenomena of ellipsis are alWnys neglected, Whch are, in facL nosmall matter. And this paPer just focuses on this topic. Based on the study of variouselliphcal constructions in EST, the author divides ellipsis in EST writings into twocategories: StructUral Ellipsis and Textual Ellipsis. The emphasis is, howevee laid uPOnTextual Ellipsis that appear quite frequently in EST wrihngs. And the most comPlexclassification of it--General ellipsis and SPecial ellipsis, which is very ~cal anduseful for leaming and using English, is analyZed and studied in grea details. On thebasis of the study and analysis, thc elliptical rules and the methods of rcmovingambiguity of some elliptical constructions are given. And the last ChaPter deals wh thetranslation methods of various elliptical constrUctions by comParing the similarities anddifferences between the Chinese and the English langUagr.The purpose of this paPer is to try to cap out a systemic study of EST ellipsis sothat it can be helpful for EST users and learners to deal with the phenomen of ellipsisin EST.
Keywords/Search Tags:EST, Gcneral Ellipsis, Special Ellipsis, Translation Methods
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