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The Direct Motivity Viewpoint Of Innovation: A Trial That Wants To Enrich And Develop The Motive Viewpoint Of Social Development Of Marxism

Posted on:2003-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360065456774Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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As the core of historic viewpoint of philosophy, the motive viewpoint of social development of an age is not only a logical summary of the history of philosophy but also a positive response to the contemporary realistic challenge. It is necessary to censor the viewpoint again as the knowledge-based economy ages is coming soon.Having combed the motive viewpoint of social development in the history, this text holds that the motive viewpoint of social development has experienced six stages, which are, in order of its development, ancient time nature motive viewpoint, middle age absolute-being motive viewpoint, humanism motive viewpoint of bourgeois scholars, Hegelian's reasonableness motive viewpoint, the competition motive viewpoint of French bourgeois historians and the productivity-class struggle system layering motive viewpoint of historic materialism. This process announces to the public that the motive viewpoint of social development is experiencing a rising process, which combines science and dialectics constantly and indicates the characteristic power of human being.On the basis of the self-development of social motive viewpoint, the text considers that the traditional expression of Marxist social development motive viewpoint that class struggle is the direct motivity of social development needs to be further perfected and developed in form though it is scientific in itself. There are two blemishes: firstly, there is the theory gap of the none-class sociality; secondly, it can'tfully explain the characteristics of knowledge-based economy age. Based on the two viewpoints, the text tries to bring up a new viewpoint of direct motivity of the social development to enrich and develop the Marxist motive system of social development.This text believes that innovation is the direct motivity of social development. Ideology innovation creates public opinion environment, and provides spirit motivity and intelligence support for social development. Science and technology innovation provides the strong lever for social development. System innovation provides the system guarantee for social development. Only by innovation can we develop and go forward.The direct motivity viewpoint of innovation is an ideal summary of this problem. It shines with lights of dialectics and humanity in the theoretical style of Marxism. In the meantime, it fills in the gap of current standpoints in the theoretical expression, which doesn't negate the viewpoint of Marxism. Furthermore, it provides a new way of thinking for the developing countries to catch up with the developed ones.
Keywords/Search Tags:Innovation, Social development, Direct motivity
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