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Study Of Yangjiabu Woodprint New Year Pictures

Posted on:2006-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360155962395Subject:Art of Design
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Yangjiabu Woodprint New Year pictures represent one of the most three famous style of Chinese New Year pictures, which originated from the Yangjiabu Village at the end of the Ming Dynasty, and thrived in the Qing Dynasty, when there were over 100 workshops producing copies of more than 1,000 pictures. Mainly produced by block printing in red, green, yellow and purple, Yangjiabu New Year pictures combine the lively and simple style of the northern art and the elegance of the southern art. The myriad of subjects, ranging from images of immortals to flowers, birds and operas, are from the everyday life of the people. They have been popular among the Chinese people for over 400 years for the unaffected portraits, auspicious implications, festive colors and a local flavor.Considering the value and situation of Yangjiabu Woodprint. New Year pictures, it is certainly urgent to collect, investigate, analyze and discuss the status and future of Yangjiabu woodprint New Year pictures. In this paper we separately probed into seven aspects of Yangjiabu Woodprint New Year pictures, such as nascence and development, subjects and contents, tradition habitudes and painting procedure, and so on. What's more, the relation between traditional Woodprint New Year pictures and modern New Year pictures was discussed at the end of the paper.During my visit to Yangjiabu Village, I was deeply impressed by the villagers' fanatical passion for their New Year pictures. They love New Year pictures, talk about New Year pictures, paint New Year pictures and enjoy the pleasure from New Year pictures. New Year pictures are everything in their lives. Fortunately, central and local governments have realized the value of Yangjiabu Woodprint New Year pictures and made efforts to protect and promote this Chinese traditional art. Yangjiabu Woodprint New Year pictures will bloom in the near future.
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