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The Application Of Communication Strategies To The Teaching Of College Oral English

Posted on:2006-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360185972949Subject:English education
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It has already become one of the primary objectives in English language teaching to develop the oral communicative competence and proficiency which is gradually emphasized in recent years. Although many scholars have pointed out that the development of the communicative strategy competence should be anindispensable part in the oral English teaching of our country ( Zhang Jingyuan & She Mingshu, 1999; Liu Hailiang & Yu Wansuo, 1998 ) , the empirical researcheson the teaching of communication strategies ( CS ) to the Chinese students are stillin its infant stage up to now. This thesis is attempting to apply the CS teaching in the college oral English classroom with the non-English majors on the basis of expounding the CS and its teaching feasibility, and it will focus on the following three research questions:1. Should the CS teaching be needed in the oral English classroom with the non-English college majors or not ?2. How to carry out the CS teaching if it should be needed?3. How is the effect of the CS teaching?The current situations in the college English teaching in our country lie in laying stress on the knowledge, belittling the ability, mechanical teaching contents, and lacking the information and emotion interchanges. And the teachers usually can't realize the importance of the communicative strategy competence, and they are unlikely to take the CS teaching in the classes, either. As a result, the learners who study at non-English majors almost can't make use of any communication strategies; and they don't know that they are taking the CS even if they do so. After we make the review of many studies about the CS and its teaching, it is not difficult to find that the CS teaching in the oral English classroom should be needed, which...
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